Travel Snapshots: Chinese New Year In Singapore

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  As you can imagine, Singapore has been in full celebration mode and will be for a little while longer.  Unlike Gregorian calendar New Year celebrations, which typically take place over the final day of the previous year (December 31) and the first day of the new year (January 1), the celebration of the Lunar Calendar New Year extends over several days and is a major holiday throughout the region.

This is my first real exposure to Chinese New Year and I was excited to visit Chinatown during the festivities.  The key word to describe this visit was abundance.  There was an abundance of candies, nuts, seeds, fruits (especially Mandarin Oranges and Pomelos), pussy willow branches and red and gold trinkets overflowing from the different merchants.  There was also an abundance of people (seriously- taking these photos was near impossible, I was bumped so many times!) –tourists and locals alike vying for grilled squid, fresh coconuts, and other bites as they made their way up and down the congested streets.

Chinese New Year




I loved the energy of the night – all the bright colors and sounds- and to think, these photos were shot the evening before New Year’s Eve!


  1. I’m so enjoying this Asian journey you’ve been taking us on. I remember when I was in Istanbul a few years ago and went to the Grand Bazaar, the crowds and the variety of products you can find there is really something worth experiencing.

  2. Happy New Year friend! Hope the year of the Horse brings you lots of happiness, luck, and good fortune. That’s so neat you got to experience it first hand from the mother land :) I’m Vietnamese and we also celebrate it, although I would love to join in the festivities IN my country. Have a great weekend enjoying this and hope you get to see some dragon dances.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year over in Singapore, luv. I’m sure it’s going to be a grand weekend there.

  4. I can only image how amazing the New Year must be there! I’m so glad you’re sharing some of the sights, I just love it + you have a great eye for interesting/beautiful shots.
    xo Mary Jo

  5. Just stunning!!! your shot of the girl in the yellow is so atmospheric. Im so happy you’re having such a great time there in Singapore, its such a lively place and full of heart and colour. By the way re you last comments – I am shocked how old! your daughter had gotten, i still think of her as a newborn (I guess everyone says that to you)

  6. Happy New Year!!!!
    Stunning pictures!


  7. i can FEEL the energy through your pics! it must’ve been so beautiful to see it in person. i love the colors and the goods. i’m so into it now. there’s nothing like seeing how it REALLY is. thanks for this post. it’s gorgeous! 😀

  8. Hello, Happy New Year. That’s great, many colors, I’d like to know about these places.
    bloglovin follower

  9. HappyAunt says:

    Beautiful pictures! You can feel the energy.

  10. Amazing photos, I wish that I would go there someday :)

  11. Such beautiful photos! It looks like a great market to visit! :) Hope you had a wonderful Chinese New Year :)

    Away From Blue

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Happy belated Lunar New Year to you =)

  13. Happy Chinese New Year! I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Singapore several years ago but I imagine it’s even better at this time of year. Your first photo in particular is stunning!

  14. I bet celebrating CNY in Singapore is spectacular, and your photos show just that. I know, I’ve only experienced it in metropolitan cities and for work, but the feasts are also amazing.

  15. Must have been so amazing, I wish I was there, Singapore is such stunning city!:) Happy Chinese New Year! xo

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