Travel Snapshots: Peranakan Crafts


One of the best parts of living in Singapore is the opportunity to get to know a variety of cultures.  This photograph was taken on a recent outing to learn more about the Peranakan history.  Peranakan is the term used to refer to the descendants of the original inhabitants of the region with traders from China, India and other countries.

I love the colors and the patterns in this photo.  It was taken in a shop owned by a Peranakan woman who is working to keep the tradions of the culture alive.  The shoes are traditional to the Peranakan culture and each bead is sewn on individually by hand.  It can take her up to three months to create a single pair.  The skirt is a sarong- also part of traditional Peranakan dress.

Have you picked up any new crafts or hobbies?  Tell me about them!


  1. First of all, welcome back! I’ve missed your blogging! Love the new layout. You know I enjoy reading about your Asian experiences, so I’m looking forward to more posts of this kind. I’ve already learned something new. :)

  2. WOW! Lexus, beautiful!!!

  3. Happymother says:

    I love this work. I get my inspiration during my visit in India. I already made my own collection of tunics and trousers.

  4. Beautiful photo. The colors and patterns are so lively. Speaking of bright colors and crafts, for Christmas my husband bought me my first set of real watercolors along with some new brushes and paints. So now I’m dabbling and playing to learn how to use them.

  5. Beautiful image… Love seeing the traditions of other cultures!

  6. Hey luv! Super cute shoes. I also really like the blog re-design. It’s so nice to catch up with you on North on Harper. Hope all is well on the other side of the world.

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  7. What beautiful craftsmanship! I really love that photo. It’s good to have you back, Alexis!

  8. Those shoes really are gorgeous. There are some beautiful Peranakan designs in tradition clothing.
    I haven’t picked up any crafts, but do want to learn how to sew eventually. Some day then!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  9. What a great sarong! I am such a fan of hand beading … my work uses a lot of it for designing. Your shoes are gorgeous in colour and style. Enjoy your week. /Madison

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