3 Steps To Reenergize This February

It is funny- I always have so much energy in January, I think it has something to do with the newness of it all.  I feel fresh and ready to take on the world.  However, by February things start to feel a bit stale.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still sticking to my resolutions (check out my How To tips HERE), but in other areas of life I feel just a little lethargic.  However, with Chinese New Year’s Celebrations continuing across Asia, I thought it the perfect time to invest in upping the energy and excitement again.


For me, there are 3 fail-safe ways of reenergize that go beyond their immediate scope:

Exercise.  I know, this seems like an obvious one, but there is a reason for that: the science behind exercise releasing endorphins which in turn add some pep to your step, is legitimate.  So go outside for a walk/jog/run.  Too cold?  Do sit-ups in your living room or head to the gym.  Need a goal? Join some sort of challenge –in the past few days I have seen friends participating in everything from simple squat challenges to weight loss bets with money on the line.

Read A Book.  Specifically I am suggesting some sort of non-fiction, self-help, business and/or educational related book.  Look for a book that offers motivation and relevant direction that you can put into action now (I’m thinking a historical book on the Franco-Prussian War probably won’t work).  Even if the book turns out not to be your perfect match, there is probably at least one lesson you can glean from it so that you walk away with a changed perspective.

Change Your Look.  There is something about changing your look that also change your outlook.  It can be as simple as buying new lipstick or as drastic as chopping off all your hair and dyeing it some unexpected color.  Whatever you decide, changing the way you present yourself often helps you feel new and reenergized in other ways as well.

So go— get out and do something.  And don’t let the winter blues (you know, for those of you experiencing winter) get you down.




Do you need to reenergize this February?  What do you do when you need a mental pick-me up?  Have any of the above suggestions worked for you?


  1. I really havve to do some exercise!!
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  2. I feel the same about February!!! January, I always want to do better, but its too much pressure with the rest of the world doing it too:) I’ve been in a really good groove lately of running everyday, and doing Yoga. I feel so great! I just hope that I keep it up:) I’m also on a reading kick, though its not non-fiction. . .but I’m reading. . .so I’ll just strive for more enlightenment in March. My look does need help, but that’s why I come to you. So teach me Guru! I did just buy a new pair of Yoga pants and dark grey and pink/purple (same color as the pic above) Asic running shoes, so now not only do I feel better, but also look better when I’m dying of physical exersion.

  3. nice post!!!!!


  4. Very interesting!


  5. Totally! I feel so out of it yesterday, but kicked my own butt at the gym this morning and it was exactly what I needed to get going ahead. I think I was just a little run down from all the activities and parties we’ve been attending lately. I have a confession – sometimes when I’m at home and have no plans to go anywhere, I curl my hair and dabbled on a bit of lipstick and blush to feel pretty. And since looking half decent is a rarity these days with a little one running around, I’ll take a few selfies to save on my phone as a friendly reminder I still got it. Haha. Have a great Tuesday!

  6. Epp! Sorry for all the typos in my comment. :/ I guess I was excited to reply.

  7. Despite the bitter cold, I don’t think I’ve had the winter blues, which is very strange for me, as I love heat and sunshine. But I think the key is to keep yourself busy and motivated. Exercising, going out, doing something creative always helps. A good book is a must too and for a few years I’ve been less interested in fiction and more interested in biographies and specialized books on film, fashion, photography, design. A change of look does wonders every single time and for me, it works better than renewing my entire wardrobe. :)

  8. I’ve the same like you – in January I’ve a lot of energy, but in Fabruary: a little less of it. Great tips, I think that I’ve to exercise more :)


  9. I have not been to my aerobic hip hop in two weeks and i feel so blah. There was a great quote form Gabrielle Reece, the volleyball player who says that you’ve got to think of exercise as something you cannot get out of, it just is in your day and you don’t think about ti

  10. Agree. Agree. Agree. Excellent tips. I do all three and they do make a difference in how you feel.

  11. I have really fallen down on the exercise thing in January, so for me February is the new January, ha! I took a lot of time off in Jan so I’m ready to start in on cleaning, revamping, etc. I love this post, obviously and never finished that book–so thank you for the reminder to dig it out from under the pile.

    xo Mary Jo

  12. This is great advice. I actually think I might have to read that 4 hour workweek book!

  13. I’ve been staying quite active, so I actually could use some slowing down, haha. But, I am also still in the excited-happy to be in a New Year type of mode at the moment! :-)

  14. Gah!! I’ve totally felt blah since we entered this month…but I’m totally with you on the exercise part! I didn’t want to get up early and do it, but as soon as I did I felt so much better :)
    Now if only I had time to read a book….

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae

  15. So true! I’ve been working out more and recently did a fun new hair color that’s really got me pumped.
    Great list! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. Yes, yes and yes to this post! I have been trying to stick to all three since the new year, and I must say I am happy with this change myself! The book you are reading looks very interesting, might want to pick that up after I am finished with The Case for Christ (really intriguing by the way!). Thanks for visiting my blog, I am your newest follower on bloglovin! keep in touch :)

  17. I fell off the exercise train when I got the flu. As you now know, I also hurt my knee, so there were always good days and bad days. I have started back up though! Score for me!!!
    I’ve really been very focused on work, trying not to be distracted. I haven’t taken the time to read, but I do like the book in your photo. I have a book here that I received for Christmas that was perfect for me and I’m thinking I’ll crack it open.
    I also changed my look a while back, cutting my short bob to an even shorter pixie-ish cut and dyeing it Violet-Red. It’s growing out right now, (shorter hair is soooo much harder to maintain) and I’ve been looking for new options.
    Great tips!

  18. I totally need to work out more…le sigh…I’ve got down my eating habits perfectly. Just need to work out more to tone up my little tummy. lol…

    – Gina
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  19. I always like some new make up, but I like to read a new book that will help me grow either personally or in business. I should work out more, but I have been eating better and taking my vitamins more regularly.

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