Jill Stuart Fall 2014 Collection

Jill Stuart Fall 2014 1For those of you who’ve been fighting the winter apocalypse, I am sure it can be a little challenging to get into the Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear Collections that are coming out of New York right now.  However, since I haven’t worn a jacket since last March, I welcome the boots and coats excitedly wondering if next winter will be the winter that I’ll get to wear them…

There are certain collections I look forward to checking out each season, because I know I am going to find certain “favorite” pieces in them.  Jill Stuart is one such label, because she always fulfills my girlie needs without leaving me feeling like I’ve regressed back to second grade.

Jill Stuart Fall 2014 2The Jill Stuart Fall 2014 Collection has party dresses that are flirty and fun and undeniably cool and for me really were the star of this show.  Seriously, the one thing going through my mind while scanning the wares was “I want to go out with Jill Stuart – I know she know how to have a good time!”

Yes, there were ruffles and polka dots – two looks you will almost never see me in, but they were paired with leather and peek-a-boo detailing that made them feel much cooler than my toddler’s wardrobe.  This empowered femininity is a balance that I am always trying to strike in my own wardrobe, but seems to be achieved effortlessly by the Jill Stuart woman.

Jill Stuart Fall 2014 3And as a side note: Let’s all give Jill Stuart a round of applause for the amazing footwear.  Year after year the design house puts out shoes I am dying-to-wear… why they haven’t yet graced my closet is beyond me…


What do you think of the Jill Stuart Fall 2014 Collection?  What do you look for in a party dress?


Images via Style.com / Marcus Tondo / InDigitalImages.com



  1. I’ve always loved their stuff!!!

  2. Ahhh, I love this. The shapes are beautiful and the tights are perfectly styled.

  3. I would totally rock these party dresses! And LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the shoes too :)

  4. Again, I am loving the dresses this year. A few of those dresses I would love to wear myself… =)

  5. I die for ruffles and polka dots! I can’t help but love all things girly. Thanks for sharing these photos! I have some new boot coming in the mail today (crossing my fingers and hoping they work out for me) and I think they’d look just darling with those tights!

  6. I love a good party dress, I think it depends on where you live as to what you can wear and also your age. But I love the dresses and the shoes are pretty cool too.

  7. beautiful collection! the detail in the dresses are divine!

  8. Jill Stuart always get’s it right! I always love her collections. They’re DREAMY, feminine and fun! I love the tights with the designs. So beautiful.

  9. It was a nice collection, but made me think of Marant mixed with Saint Laurent a little bit. Sort of a New York take to Parisian version. :) Still, really like some of the dresses, especially the last one in the bottom row – the effect of being “unwrapped” is so sexy! x

  10. Beautiful collection, *love* those boots!

  11. Oh I love this collection. Feminine, flirty and all around beautiful. And yes I have to agree the shoes are pretty fabulous. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. I jinks the warmer day and now we are getting ice and more ice. Stay in touch.


  12. I love Jill Stuart! Though I can’t see myself wearing these, I still love the designs. I also wonder why I don’t have any of these shoes because I fawn over them every year!

  13. Nice collection and cute boots! :-)

  14. Oh wow, these are really got looks! Loving the creative tights 😉

  15. Love.EVERY.Piece! Fierceness. The dark colrs with the glitz is lovely! !!

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