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Favorite Kitchen Tool There is something about the sentiment that the “Kitchen is the heart of a home” that rings so true to me.  Many of my childhood memories are of times spent in the kitchen –not just eating, but doing homework, having a family discussion (ie- my getting grounded for something or other), laughing with my sisters, enjoying the banter of my parents…

Even more than the kitchen I associate food with certain memories.  Memories of holidays, loved ones, special events and love.  I think that is one of the reasons I feel it is so important for me to cook dinner for my own family as much as possible.

When we moved to Singapore, we left all of our furniture and our household items in storage.  That meant that dishes, cutlery, cookware and everything else had to be repurchased her.  For the most part we went cheap (after all, we already have our ideal pieces wrapped up in boxes waiting to be used once again), but there was one piece I wanted to invest in.

Favorite Kitchen Tool When Lukus and I were first married we received a 3 ½ quart round French Oven by Le Creuset in Caribbean blue.  It quickly became a favorite kitchen tool, it is durable, versatile and beautiful.  But as we began hosting family and friends for dinner parties and such, we began to wish it was bigger.  So, after we arrived in Singapore, without a single pot, I saw it as the perfect time to invest (plus it was the Great Singapore Sale!).

This time we purchased the 5 ½ quart French Oven once again in Caribbean blue (that way once we are reunited with our things they will all match!).  And it has become the absolute favorite cooking accessory in our home (and not because it is the only one that will last!).  We prepare family recipes, favorites we’ve discovered over the past few years and new local dishes (not always successfully).  Yes, it is giant and huge— much too big for 2 ½ people, but I don’t have to think twice before inviting friends for dinner.

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool /accessory/etc?  Tell me about it in the comments below!


  1. I seem to use my Cuisinart Nonstick Skillets ALL the time. Don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s a good size too so I’m able to cook more at a time and it’s awesome. I do have a casserole dish I also use a lot when we’re in the mood for baking a healthy dish.

  2. That is a great kitchen piece. As someone who loves making stews, a french oven like this would be perfect. I have to admit my fave kitchen item is my Global knife. Can’t live without it:)

  3. Love this bule pot, gives life some colour!

  4. Happymother says:

    My favorite piece is in fact the Le Creuset. Mine is orange and I Would love to buy the Carribean blue too!

  5. You are right, is the heart of a home. Your 5 ½ quart French Oven is really huge but also so helpful. Your baby is too sweet!:)

  6. Oh my gosh, I love your pot and was torn between that color and the teal Staub pots! Then I started re-doing the kitchen and pots had to go on the back burner (figurately and literally). So you have reminded me that I need to get some–I love yours! I had a bowl my mother gave me that matched all my china and I used that thing every single night for salads, pasta or something and then it broke–life has never been the same!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Great blog! This product seems good!

  8. I have the same exact pot! It is one of my all time le creuset favorites. I just love the color; it brings a smile to my face whenever i cook w it.

  9. HappyAunt says:

    My favorite is my Les Creuset set in black…..when I wanted to go bigger to the 9 and 13, I found out they retired the black. I now hunt at every outlet…..so keep an eye out in Singapore :-).
    Love seeing the beautiful munchkin attempting to lift the heavy lid.

  10. I have this in red – and yes it’s my favorite! I’d love to have one in every color.

  11. In Trinidad every household has an iron pot, or twenty, that we use for everything. They are cast iron and perfect for making stew chicken, curry or pelau (the Trini creole version of paella). I have a HUGE iron pot for when family comes over. I usually make pelau because it’s a one pot dish, and it can feed at least 30 people. And with a family my size, 30 is a small group! Mine are very un-fancy. LOL Basic cooking pots that can be deep or shallow and wide…and they are HEAVY. I love them because they make me think of home, no matter where I am.

  12. I love that pot! We still have it left over on our wedding registry – this may be what I need to take the plunge and purchase it!

  13. Le Creuset is an excellent investment! The colors and quality are superb. I know QVC sells it now. They may even have easy pay, as it’s so expensive. Kitchenware is a great investment. I love Kitchenaid products too! 😀

  14. I love this color, its funny because there is 5 in my family and all my pots are really tiny.

  15. I have had my eye on that exact piece for a couple years now. I just never remember to add it to my gift lists for holidays and birthdays. And look how much that sweet thing is growing!

  16. I know that “kitchen is the heart of a home” feeling. Some of my fondest memories growing up or holiday memories are centered around my parent’s kitchen. I’m trying to make our own kitchen as warm and inviting. And I love beautiful kitchenware! I think I have to invest in some Le Creuset pieces – a friend of mine is always praising them.

  17. i have it also great pot!

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