Travel Snapshots: Rice Paddies in Bali

Rice Paddies

You know how sometimes you go somewhere and you think, “Yeah- I could live here.  Maybe not forever, but six months or a year?  That would be amazing.”  That was both Lukus’ and my reaction as we made our way on a narrow path through the rice paddies in Ubud, Bali.  Of course we were even more convinced when we saw several lovely homes for rent along the path that were rather affordable.

Rice Paddies In Bali

Rice Baddies In Bali 2The path, which is not accessible to anything wider than a scooter (yes- the homes we saw were furnished), weaves through the rice paddies and is occasional interrupted by a small convenience shop, some sort of craft store, one of the aforementioned homes, and idyllic restaurants (offering free wi-fi to patrons).  It led us to a restaurant/farm in the middle of the paddies, called Sari Organik, which touts itself as being organic and sustainable.  No paper napkins here!  The view though was perfection.  And the food?  Delicious.  If you ever make it be sure to try the brown fried rice.  You’ll thank me.  It was the type of place that left me thinking, “Ahhh.. this is what life’s all about.”

rice paddies in Bali 3

rice paddies in Bali 4

rice paddies in Bali 5P.S. Bali is also home to the Green School – another selling point for wanting me to go back and live there someday (once my daughter is school aged)—even if only for a semester…





  1. amazing place,look very relax and nice and cute baby :)
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  2. Great photos! It seems pretty amazing there. Yes, there has definitely been a few places that I’ve said to myself, “it would nice to live here,” for a year or so. Must be tempting for you since they have the Green School there. :-)

  3. You captured it so beautifully! It’s amazing how rice is grown and harvested. I’m like you. I would love to stay in certain places much longer. If I had the money, I would definitely do so. Thanks for bringing this to us.

  4. Wow, I never knew Bali had such sustainable initiatives (and you can’t beat that peaceful, idyllic view). Time for a vacation home in Bali?


    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. Wow absolutely gorgeous scenery and pictures! I’m glad you managed to capture the less commercialized side of Bali, usually all you see are beaches and resorts but it’s amazing to see the rice fields and houses as well! And your daughter is so adorable, I hope that she enjoyed herself a lot as well on the trip :)

    xx Debbie

  6. Looks so beautiful, want to visit Bali in the future!

    x Jony

  7. So incredibly beautiful. This reminds me of Vietnam. It’s been years since I’ve been, but I know for sure I came back with a new appreciation for what we have here and how much there’s still left to see out there. Love that picture of your little one! It’s like she’s saying “Come. This way.” haha

  8. Que guai, seguro que lo pasaste genial!!

  9. Monica Marshall says:

    Great pictures, these reminded me of our travels around the Mediteranean when Stephanie was Salem’s age. She is such a little doll. I am glad you had a good time, and restful get away.

  10. Wow those are amazing pictures. That is so different from living in the desert in Palm Springs. Do you just pinch yourself and wonder how your like changed so quickly.

  11. What a cool place! I have never seen a place with rice paddies! I think it would be amazing to live there for a month or two!


  12. Absolutely love it! It feels so natural, calm and peaceful. Wonderful simplicity of life and so much beauty around! I can’t say I could live there forever, but to use it as a place to escape from everything for a while – perfect! x

  13. Nice photos! Indonesia is so near to my country (The Philippines) it almost looks the same. Our southern island part looks like that :)

  14. Look how stylish your darling daughter is! Oh, I know that feeling of wanting to live some place you visit, if only for a while. It looks so beautiful and peaceful there.

  15. Awesome photos! I’m having some serious travel envy right now. I’m a city girl, but I have an appreciation for beautiful locations like this one. Can’t wait to see more.

  16. These are beautiful photos. I’m assuming the little girl in the first photo is your daughter? So adorable :)

  17. Looks like a beautiful place!! Bali is on my must-visit destinations…And your daughter is so cute! She’s already walking…it seems like I saw her baby pictures yesterday!!

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