Travel Snapshots: The Waters Of Bali

Bali waterThe other day I shared some of Bali’s greenery, but for my final vacation post (after all, I can’t escape real life forever!) I thought I would focus on its water.  And being a tropical island, there is a lot of it.

bali waterbali water

I’ve always loved the water—in any form.  And even when I can’t take a dip I love the peace and mental tranquility it offers simply from being in its vicinity.  Lukus is the same way, and I think we have already passed that onto our daughter, as she was enamored not only with the Indian Ocean, but pools and ponds as well (although the ponds may have had something to do with Koi!).

bali water

bali water 5Beyond helping me unwind, I also find that water can be inspiring and I am pretty sure I have about a million photos of the coastline (don’t worry, I am only sharing 5 favorite water moments here).  I love the different shades of blues, greens and greys water takes on.  Just looking at these photos both fills with me ideas and relaxes my sometimes frantic mind.  It really in no wonder that so many cultural and religious traditions associate what with both with healing and rebirth.  Seriously, is there anything better than water?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Bali Travel Snapshots!  We had such a fantastic time that we are already planning our next SEAsia getaway (maybe mainland SEAsia next time?!).  But now I want to hear from you— what do you look for when you go on vacation?  The woods? Wide-open green spaces?  Or are you a water lover like myself?






  1. this is a Paradise! very nice pics

  2. I live in Sardinia, in Italy, Im a water lover from when I was borned, cant stay or live without it, so I really get you :) Your photos are breathtaking and ur daughter is just so sweet!:) Kisses! xo

  3. Oh my gosh, that shot of the hotel from above – divine – they all are and love seeing that shot of the Hubstar and your little ones, she is adorable with those curls, I remember spending hours around the pool with the kids, them dipping their hands in. What a stunning place! And yes- isn’t it amazing about how each beach and each country has completely different set of colours in the water?

  4. Happymother says:

    Heaven on earth! We all love the water, in Italy we lived at the lake, in Duesseldorf near the Rhine and I miss this so much. It gives you so much energy. Your little cutiepie is so sweet and growing.

  5. Obsessed with water….it completely changes how I feel about everything. Loved the Bali pictures

  6. Mmmm loving these shots, especially the last one. I agree, nothing more relaxing than water. With one of the most beautiful resort spots down the street, I feel a bit guilty that I don’t make it down there more often. Usually I want change when I travel, so I find myself doing it during the winter to snowy places but wouldn’t mind a SEAsia trip some time soon!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Beautiful photos. I love getting away to all of the above – mountains, ocean, wide open spaces suit me fine. I do prefer wilder places to the city, but enjoy roaming through those as well. My perfect holiday would be a combination of all of these (and obviously involve weeks and weeks of being away :-)

  8. Everything looks so beautiful!

  9. Bali really does have some lovely waters (though the shoreline at least by seminyak seemed surprisingly rough). My husband loves a beach vacation too and our favorite spot is in Boracay. Some parts are quite touristy, but the water is so calm and the sand is pristine!

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  10. Those are beautiful, I want to go on vacation so bad. I love the water and your daughter looking at the fish.

  11. looks like an amazing place, would love to go there one day.
    thanks for sharing, sounds like you had fun!


    ♥ Ellen
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  12. Peace. Serenity. Tranquility. I love these shots you took. So beautiful. Fabulous Koi pond and infinity pool.

  13. It’s just beautiful… I find water very relaxing, too – love the sounds of it, the waves, the scents… it’s heavenly. x

  14. This is paradise!!! I want to go…♥

  15. I love water too, and, just as you say, just being in its vicinity. It always brings me peace of mind and if I am in front of the ocean or sea I can easily clear all my thoughts and experience something very close to absolute freedom. Beautiful shots!

  16. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your Bali Travel Snapshots. It was lovely to see this beautiful island through your lens and brought back wonderful memories of our hoilday there. Our taste in holidays is very eclectic from city breaks to relaxing beach holidays. Modern architecture and historical buildings too. We are often drawn to interesting islands but the one thing we enjoy is learning about other cultures and traditions. Bali certainly has a lot to offer and it’s people are so warm and welcoming too.

  17. These photos are beautiful. I haven’t been to Bali but I do hope to visit some time. You guys looked like you had a very relaxing SEAsia vacation.

  18. GORGEOUS!!! But you know I am a sucker for The Bernese Oberland!

  19. Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  20. Bali is my dream place!
    Mafalda ❤

  21. Loved the pics! I love Indonesia!!
    New post on

  22. AMAZING photos :) I hope you had a great weekend dear

    Check out my new post…Hot Scandinavian decor :)

    have a fab week

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor :)

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