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Chanel Fall 2014It would be like ignoring the elephant in the room if I didn’t acknowledge the obvious:  The Chanel Fall 2014 Collection was shows on a set that looked like a supermarket.  Was this Karl Lagerfeld’s way of telling us the bar has been raised for how we dress even while performing the most mundane tasks?  Or was it a comment on consumerism?  Perhaps, Mr. Lagerfeld recognized the supermarket as the great equalizer- where ripped sweatpants are as appropriate as a tweed suit.

Chanel Fall 2014 Collection (1)

The sneakers we saw at January’s Chanel Couture Spring 2014 show, and which set off an immediate trend among the fashion set, were back in new variations including knee high options.  Atop the sneakers Lagerfeld, continued his laidback (you know, if Lagerfeld or Chanel could ever be described as laidback) vibe with more pants options than I’ve ever seen on a Chanel runway (but then again, how often is a runway a supermarket aisle?!

Chanel Fall 2014 Collection (2)Another element that continued from the Couture show were the extreme cinched waists, which created for exaggerated hourglass shape.  Of course this was just one of many silhouettes that spanned from legging like pants with cropped fitted sweaters, to wide legged trousers paired with boxy jackets.  In this supermarket there truly was something for everyone.

Chanel Fall 2014 Collection (3)So, beyond the salivating for certain elements, what can you learn from the Chanel Fall 2014 Collection’s appearance in Paris?

The Big Lesson: Casual Doesn’t Have To Be Thoughtless.
– Even a pair of sneakers can make a fashionable statement.
– Play with proportions.  There is a place for both oversized and fitted alike.
– Adding even just a single tailored element can elevate an otherwise relaxed look.
– A statement accessory can make a look memorable and personal.


What do you think of the Chanel Fall 2014 Collection?  What are your takeaways from the show?


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  1. I’m in love with Chanel♥♥

  2. Agree with all your points! I am a huge sneaker fan so it’s nice to see them incorporated in great looking outfits.

  3. Clever, I love the new direction he’s taking especially those wasp waists which are just so flattering!

  4. Well, I agree with your lessons but, even though I really love the sporty/casual trend, I really dont like to mix the super elegant clothes with sneakers as Chanel did. At the end I really liked the collection for the fun and quirky scenary but not much the collection itself(except for the second to last coar, to die for!) Kisses! xo (ps your story made me melt, how sweet your daughter is!!<3)

  5. Well, it was certainly a SHOW. One off and very memorable. Still not sold on trainers, though. x

  6. Just love the concept and the outfits! Also great to see Kendall Jenner model in this show.

  7. I honestly thought it was quite a brilliant concept on his part. Great collection, theatrics and all! :)

  8. Agree with every point made. And Chanel is everything. LOL

  9. If one should count on someone to put on a show, then it would have to be on Lagerfeld. Maybe if taken separately, I would find more pieces of the collections to like. But I really love the grey dress, second look bottom row.

  10. Fantastic idea. And I honestly can’t say which I like best – I keep going back, trying to decide. The cropped tops wouldn’t work for me (yet!). I even like those green leggings :-)

  11. I loved the set and many pieces from the collection. I really fell in love with the accessories. My post today is about the details of the collection. They’re so beautiful. I think a woman needs all kinds of pieces in her wardrobe. Chanel is catering to that. I love it.

  12. It’s the coats which have caught my eye here particularly the collarless one in the second to the last set. It reminds me so much of a classic Chanel tweed jacket but it has a modern look and the length is perfect too.

  13. I hope they do some sort of interview with him because I’d love to know what the idea was behind the Supermarket theme. Many of the pieces are wearable but I cannot get over those sneakers. They seem so out of place.

  14. I loved this! The creativity was so amazing! I love to see designers think of new things! Love clothes were gorgeous! I wish more people dressed like this at the supermarket!


  15. I thought this was so enthralling! Trust Chanel to come up with such a pioneering idea.

    Krissie x –

  16. I like the collection :)

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