Finding My Mental Equilibrium

rsz_img_1224I am really enjoying my time back “home” with family.  While I haven’t truly lived in Atlanta consistently since graduating high school, it remains the place were I can unwind after adventures.  It is also the place where I feel like I can reclaim my mental equilibrium with three simple things…

Friends & Family – They are of course, one in the same.  While I love making new friends in Singapore, it’s always great to go back “where everyone knows your name.”  Shared histories, inside jokes and the lack of airs makes being with friends and family a great time to let your hair down.

Fresh Air – This may sound strange—especially when you consider that it is always summer in Singapore and we walk everywhere, but I don’t really have many opportunities to relax in nature there.  I think when I get back I am going to make a conscious effort to find a park where I can just sit in the grass and relax.  (Note: This is of course once the haze has fully passed!)

Food – Like the fresh air, this one may seem counterintuitive.  After all, Singapore is known for their fantastic food.  And, while I agree that there are so many interesting and unique foods to try, I do have my concerns about the quality of the products.  I am a bit of a food idealist (given my way, I like to eat whole, local and food allergen conscious), so it is tough to live in a country where EVERYTHING is imported.  I have loved taking advantage of my mom’s farm box, as well as Whole Foods’ fantastic protein grading system.  (Okay—and I may have indulged in a couple of naughty options as well!!!)

What things help you to find your mental equilibrium?  Do you like to go back to your parents’/childhood home?  Or are you a believer in “you can never go home again?”


  1. Quiet time is always a good time for me to recollect, decompress, and find my balance. I have only been to Vietnam once and although I was young, I do remember a lot of it. A beautiful country! Luckily, my parents live 2 min away from me and I visit them almost every day. I actually find it very therapeutic to be there…it’s probably psychological thing of feeling comfort around family. Since I am married, I feel like home is where I am with my husband now :)

  2. Gorgeous photo! What a lovely post and getting to know more about you. For me, growing up meant moving quite a lot, so balance was always where ever my parents went–I loved visiting my grandparents because it meant being able to run free in the countryside and reading anything from their library. I think going to a park would be good for you, and I agree, finding good food options is certainly important to me, especially since I have several allergies. :-)

  3. It is so nice to go back home and catch up with friends and family. I love to see how things changed or how they remained the same. Good food is always good too!


  4. I’m actually going back home to Florida in a couple weeks and I actually can’t wait. I’m looking forward to that mental equilibrium too. And for Florida, that’s beaches you can actually swim in (because the Pacific Ocean is way too cold), Caribbean food and familiarity. Too bad you can take some of the home grown food back to Singapore. :)

  5. I agree, it’s always so fulfilling to reminisce on memories with family and friends. I was just with my family last night and I felt re-charged after my visit!

  6. I’m so glad you’ve had a chance to come back home and unwind Alexis, it sounds like it’s been good for your soul. I never thought I’d be one to go back home, but that is exactly where I’ve ended up and of course, it’s much different than living here as a child/teen – my life is different, but the terrain is familiar and agrees with me. I think part of the journey is the surprise in how things turn out. I hope you continue to enjoy life back home – I didn’t stop to think how all the food is imported in Singapore, that must be so strange!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Oh so glad to hear you are home and doing so well! I know your family is loving the time with you. I always think we can never truly appreciate our home and our families unless we venture out on our own. . .and what a gift that is, to return and be able to relax and TRULY enjoy it. Blessings to you my friend!

  8. I completely agree with all of your points! I’ll always think of NYC as home though we have made our own home far away. The instant sense of comfort with friends and family, the ready and available supply of fresh/healthy foods (and unhealthy ones like great pizza or some deep fried Peruvian jalea), and fresh air of spring always bring me back!
    I’m glad you’re back there safely and enjoying yourself dear! I sent you a few emails. Things are nuts with work and my health, but I’m keeping my cool. Let me know via email how you’re doing too!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  9. My Dad & Stepmom don’t even live in my hometown anymore but their house is my safe haven for bringing all things back to center. I get rest, refresh and find new inspiration every time I visit.

    I really hope you enjoy and are able to make the more of your visit.

  10. I must admit, I feel happy with where I am now. Maybe because I am more attached to people than places or because it’s not hugely different from my place of birth and also because I’ve managed to surround myself with things that make me feel at home. I do wish I could move some of my friends over there, though. x

  11. There’s definitely no place like home. For me it’s the food, atmosphere and culture. I love how you expressed what you miss and desire. I think we all do.

  12. I am with you on the family. I love them way to much. It is funny but my family and extended family live no more then a two hour drive away.

  13. It’s so good to have a place to recharge your batteries- I totally get it. And this shot is lovely! Makes me want to curl up in the hammock and enjoy nature. :) Happy first day of spring!


  14. Looks like yu had good time~~

  15. Awesome picture! What a great place!!

  16. Glad you had the chance to visit your family again. Must be hard to live away from them.

  17. The thing that helps me relax the most is visiting my parents in my home town, and especially now that they have a country house close to town, with a beautiful garden and patio and even a vineyard (and yes, my dad makes his own red wine, organic, the only kind I drink; they also grow their own fruit and vegetables and I don’t think I have to say that this is the food I trust the most and which tastes the best). Being there often feels like heaven on earth, and I don’t use these words easily. Every visit is liberating and fills me with positive energy. It seems to me that this trip back home was exactly what you needed and I wish you to enjoy to the full the rest of your stay. And now I have to mention I had no idea that all the food in Singapore is imported. I think of me, as I’m one who tries to keep at the minimum the imported food I buy, and I completely understand your concerns.

  18. I definitely feel you in this blog post. I love going back home to the district in Helsinki from where I come. I feel different there, but it’s hard to explain why. With my family I feel I can be at ease. I also love going to the sea. I’ve always lived close to the sea, so it brings me a lot of comfort. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  19. How wonderful. When I go home, I feel my shoulders unhunch and I can just laugh immediately with friends instead of explaining conversations. Often I wonder why we don’t live back there….

  20. I see my parents almost every day but most of all I enjoy it when we go out for dinners and just talk, laugh and enjoy good food. Hope you are having a great time and feel fully energized after your stay.

  21. I have the same sensation, not really when I go back at my parent-s house in the city (on the contrary I feel frustrated that I need to do a lot and see as many people as I can), but when I go back to our holiday house on the mountains! There I find my full mental equilibrium!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

    ps. I understand what you are talking about when to food…Even for me that I live in Italy, the mecca of good food, I really miss the fresh veggies and fruits of GReece! They taste differently!

  22. great post, thanks for sharing!


    ♥ Ellen
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  23. It’s great you’ve had an opportunity to relax, even when you’ve been in Singapore for a while it still won’t be ‘home’ home if that makes sense? I love join home, although I only live 15/20minutes drive away. There’s just something about going back to your home town, having a snoop round, relaxing and chilling at home. I also like rummaging through my old stuff to find things I’d forgotten about.

  24. As a mother of 4-year old twins, I need silence to find my mental equilibrium, which I find while working at home, because I’m a freelance translator (feels weird to think that I find balance in working right, but sometimes it gets so noisy here it’s almost unbearable!) But of course I need to spend time with my family, it’s pure happiness for me. I do miss nature though, I lived in Australia for a couple of years and I miss the Bush, the wild…
    You’ll see that when you leave Singapore, home will always be home, but there will always be a part of that country in you that you’ll be missing forever (as well as the food!)
    Mafalda ❤

  25. What a lovely image! I’m just enjoying catching up on your posts after my holiday. You are absolutely right too – as much as I love travelling, it’s always good to catch up with old friends back home and it seems like you are having a relaxing time too.

  26. I totally agree with you, When I’m back to my family I always feel so good!

  27. There’s nothing like going home to regroup! I was home last year for 8 weeks in between jobs and it was amazing. I just needed time to think what I wanted to do with my life and I was able to spend a bunch of time with my family and friends. Something I really haven’t been able to do to that extent in years…also since graduating high school

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  28. No doubt family is the the cornerstone of all stability and equilibrium… Have a nice one!

  29. i’m so with you on this post! as someone who also grew up on the east coast and now live overseas. you definitely never feel as comfortable as you do back in the comforts of old friends and family. and i miss the food in the US.. i know how blessed and lucky i am to be able to live, eat and travel in europe.. but most of the time i just want the creature comforts of home!

    enjoy your time home :)

  30. That sounds very nice that you feel at peace being home! I am still in high school, but when I move out I think I will miss home very much!


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