A Look Back At 160 Years Of Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Store at Marina Bay in Singapore.

The Louis Vuitton Store at Marina Bay in Singapore.

Louis Vuitton will be showing its Fall 2014 Collection on Wednesday in Paris.  This will be the first collection with Nicolas Ghesquière at the helm, following the exit of Marc Jacobs last fall.  Little has been heard from Ghesquière since his appointment and it is safe to say the fashion world will be watching on Wednesday.  And while I am curious as what this new era brings, it is also a great time to look back at the brand’s 160-year history and where it is today.

CNN International produced a short video in conjunction with Fashion week, which takes a look back at how the iconic Louis Vuitton fashion house began (hint: The Speedy bag wasn’t the first star and the items produced were headed for more exotic locations than Paris’ Avenue des Champs-Élysées).  In addition to the history, the video also shares a sneak peek at the process of creating one of their signature items.

Take a look (don’t worry – it isn’t long!):

Style.com will be live streaming the runway show on Wednesday, March 5th.  Will you be watching?  Are you a fan of Louis Vuitton?  What are you expecting from the Nicolas Ghesquière era?


  1. How amazing that they have been around for that long! Very cool history and success!


  2. 160 years… wow! That is really something. I am a fan of Nicolas Ghesquière and I am looking forward to see his debut collection for LV :)


  3. I totally remember walking through that huge mall in Singapore and seeing this gigantic LV store on the water. It’s a stunning site!

  4. Thank you for sharing! x

  5. Im really curious to see the collection on Wed, cannot wait! And the video is really interesting, love the care they put into details. Kisses! xo

  6. Thanks for sharing this behind the scenes glimpse of LV manufacturing. I really love their design, quality and heritage.

  7. Love louis!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  8. That was an interesting behind the scenes video! Planning to use more LV as I grow older, although I do have a vintage purse that my mother used to use! love it!

  9. Oh wow that store is something. Well great company produce amazing products and no wonder they been around so long and excited how Nicolas will take LV this time.


  10. I love looking at artisans create luxury products. It gives me an appreciation of why certain items really are unique and the work that goes into them (so yes I am justifying my future Kelly some day!)

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  11. I remember when I got my first LV bag after high school. I loved it. I had no idea its been 160 years.

  12. I think the Louis Vuitton show tomorrow is the one I’m most excited about this season. I admire the brand’s past and history, but I’m so curious to see how Nicolas Ghesquière will take the brand further.

  13. Increíble el video!! Me ha parecido super interesante :)

  14. I have always been a fan of LV and i can’t wait to see what he has in store! Honestly, I haven’t watched any of the other shows (I know I know!) but I already set aside a certain amount of time for LV.

  15. wow! i didn’t realize they went back so far. that’s awesome. i love style.com. it tells you everything!

  16. I’m interested to see how the Nicolas Ghesquiere collection pans out particularly as it’s his first for the label and such a big label it is! Part of why I think LV is so popular is because of it’s rich history. I never realised until i got into fashion that brands like Dolce and particularly Prada are relatively new in fashion terms, not like say Lanvin or a Dior.

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