Travel Snapshots: Girl On A Bicycle At The Singapore Botanic Gardens

Girl On A Bicycle at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

I was looking through some of my older photos when I stumbled across this image shot a few months back.  This photograph was taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and really was all about the sculpture’s subject matter, which resonated with me.  The piece, Girl On A Bicycle, serves as such a lovely reminder that sometimes it is okay to lift your feet off of the pedals, and have a little fun.

Created by Sydney Harpley in 1987 this cast-bronze sculpture was the second piece commissioned and gifted by David Marshall to the Singapore Botanic Gardens as a piece of public art.  The first, Girl On A Swing is a much larger piece and more easily recognized by visitors to the Gardens, but it is the feeling of abandon in Girl On A Bicycle that captured my attention.  The way her hair blows back as she raises her feet forward communicates an uninhibited energy.  I don’t know about you, but I could use a little of that in my life every now and again.  In fact, reconnecting with this sculpture now is timely, as lately I have found myself bogged down by life’s responsibilities.


Tell me, what does lifting your feet off the pedals look like?  Are you in need of a little of reckless release? What do you think of the Girl On A Bicycle?


  1. Loving what that stature represents and I’m always so happy to go visit the Botanic Gardens, they’re such pretty places. I suppose we’re all in need in a little reckless release in some way or another :)

    xx Hélène

  2. What a beautiful interpretation of the sculpture, Alexis! I would say that lifting your feet off the pedals is mandatory now and then. I have the tendency of overthinking everything, so I find those moments of sheer fun and spontaneity a necessity.

  3. Lovely sculpture!!!
    Happy wed!!!
    Kisses darling!!!

  4. What a great image and I think it resembles taking off your feet off the pedals very significant. You have to take chances in life.

  5. this “Girl on a Bicycle” is such an inspiring piece! it makes me want to just dance ballet all day and forget about everything else :)

    xoxo, rae

  6. Beautiful sculpture!

  7. Beautiful piece – makes me think of a free spirited, happy me :) Yes, I was definitely in need of a release and luckily with school out for the summer, I have so much more time to unwind and get all of these projects complete that have been on my to-do list for foreverrrr.

  8. Beautiful sculpture! It makes me think of fun, freedom and being carefree.

  9. I just love this and all that it symbolises. The image suggests to me those carefree childhood days that maybe we should once in a while try to recapture. Having fun and doing what makes us happy! When we visited Singapore a few years ago we didn’t have time to go to the Botanic Gardens but next time (hopefully very soon!) we should definitely schedule a walk around there.

  10. I can remember doing this as a little girl. It was such a feeling of freedom!

  11. Ah so true, it is lovely that this statue did exactly what it was intended to do.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  12. This actually made me laugh, because I was doing the same thing the other day and I fell from the bike and now I have like…bumps and marks and bruises all over my legs 😀 Doesn’t look romantic any more! 😀

  13. Great sculpture, love it and its meaning!

  14. Perfect photo!

  15. perfect sentiment!

  16. What a sense of freedom and fun! I hope you are feeling ok dear!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  17. Thanks for sharing the story behind this piece and the lovely photo. I want to swop places with her, so carefree and fun. Hope your week is going well :)

  18. “Reckless relief”, I like that! What a fun statue, so much movement in a static piece of art. I’ve been in a rental car which has more HP and oompf than my normal car, so I’ve been driving more recklessly but still safely :).

  19. Beautiful picture and post! I really enjoy a Botanic Garden! :)


  20. I think she is very artistically created.

  21. Incredibly cute sculpture, full of movement and zest – love it!

  22. i love that! i especially love the message.. sometimes i feel like i should be less “cautious” hehe or rather wanting to be more adventurous! this is a great reminder!!

  23. I love it! So happy and carefree! Being on a coast or sitting in a garden give me the same feeling… x

  24. It’s lovely. Wish I had a similar statue in my courtyard to gaze at :-)

  25. Kim Alston says:

    That sculpture is so awesome! It has movement with no movement. It also exudes FUN!

  26. such a fabulous photo + post. that statue looks simple and cute, but when you really look at it and think about it – i feel lighter just looking at it.

  27. I love parks with statues and other kinds of art- I think it makes walking or cycling in your case much more enjoyable! love the photo above!

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