Wish List: Workout Wear

A week ago I was super excited to discover a new yoga studio had moved in across the street from my apartment building.  This is huge, because in order for me to work out outside of our place, I have to do it in the morning before Lukus goes to work and while the little one is (hopefully) still in bed.  Unfortunately, I am not the best self-motivator in the morning, so it’s tough for me to wake up to spend time alone in our building’s gym lifting weights.  Plus, sometimes you just need to change up your routine.

Monday, I made it to my first yoga class in forever.  It was a Hot Yoga Core class and by the end I was sweaty, disgusting and smiling ear-to-ear.  I am already signed up for my next class on Thursday!

To celebrate finding a gym and an exercise situation that I am excited by I’ve decided to invest in some new work out gear.  I am a believer in putting on work out clothes you actually like as opposed to any old t-shirt and sweats.  I actually find it to be an extra motivator to work hard at the gym.

With that in mind, I have created a wish list of workout wear with a focus on options that help you feel less nasty no matter how much you perspire…

workout wear


Workout Wear:
Seamless Padded Sports Bra
Printed Rishi Tank
Python Graphic Leggings
Supernova Racerback Bra
Honeycomb Connect Capri
Printed Sports Bra
Breathe Tank
Printed Capri Leggings
Performance Tank


Tell me, what does your workout routine consist of?  And what do you like to wear to the gym?


  1. I love the pink tank! I’m not into investing in cute workout gear, mostly because I don’t think it looks cute on me :) I just wear shorts and t shirts. Nothing glamorous. The sports bra and footwear are what I put my money in. My workout routine consists of squeezing 30 min of cardio during my lunch break. During the work week, I try to go at least 3 times. On weekends, if I go once it’s a miracle! I look forward to when our daughter is old enough to ride a bike trailer so we can go biking as a family.

  2. yes please i want all of those. haha. i buy all this cute stuff and then never wear it, i always grab the old oversized grungy tshirts.

  3. Amazing selection, I love every piece!!!
    Kisses darling!!!

  4. I totally believe in cute workout clothes as well! The graphic leggings are awesome! I’m currently super into a new barre gym that opened up in cinci that also has a great spin class. And I always incorporate yoga in my routine, I like to mix it up but nothing makes me fell like hot yoga!

  5. Those are great pieces. I confess I never put much money or thought into what I wore to yoga class. I haven’t been in a few years but hope to go again some time, maybe in a few months. I really need a yin yoga class. Not much sweating in one of those-lol. Glad you have something new and interesting to do while you sweat!

  6. Cool wishlist! :)



  7. Super congratulations doll! That’s the thing! Finding something that you’ll enjoy doing and the second LOOKING GOOD while doing it. These workout clothes are so cute. That’s motivation in itself. Enjoy and Here’s to a healthy YOU!

  8. I love those tops and the colors are so pretty.

  9. I love the bras ! They look so great underneath muscle tees!

  10. wow, hot yoga sounds intense! I love your wish list! I feel like wearing cute workout gear would make me more motivated to work out!

  11. Oh boy I should probably invest in some work out wear. I do yoga every morning though not hot yoga. I just roll out of bed and do it in a over sized tee : 0 and hey your day job sounds interesting.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  12. With uber chic workout wear like this, it would inspire one to start gyming!

  13. I am really into sportswear that is designed by H&M, I really love their summer sportswear collection- very comfortable and very stylish looking- in such awesome bright and vivid colors! :)
    I really like the list you made- my favorite item would definitely be the printed sports bra! it looks a lot of fun! :)


  14. omgggg a yoga studio RIGHT across the street that’s AMAZING. i tried looking for a yoga studio and the nearest one was an hour away from where i live -___- lol you know that’s not going to happen hahahaha.

    i actually really wanna try pilates have you tried it?? i know they’re sorta similar but different.. i think pilates tends to tone your muscles more?? not sure lol. but i need to get rid of some of the flab that just won’t go away and i figured maybe i should tone it instead hehe.

    btw my hubs name is lucas!! it’s funny because i think lukas is more of the nordic/european way of spelling it and when we first moved to germany and we were signing up for all sorts of things like electric/cable/rent ect everyone kept spelling my husbands name as “lukas” and he’d have to explain that it his name was spelled w/ a “c” lolols.


  15. I loooove hot yoga. It’s such a great workout and you always feel so good afterwards! Loving your workout picks…those python pants are so cool!

    Clothes & Quotes

  16. I go to the gym regularly, but to be honest I don’t like to spend my money on workout wear. So, I end up putting on always the same items. But, I have to say that I really like your selection, especially the pink top (that I would wear also in other occasions). Enjoy your next yoga lessons!


  17. That white top looks so awesome. I love it! Happy that the new yoga studio opened so close. I’ve been going to the gym about 4 days a week (sometimes 5) and doing the same ol’ cardio/weights thing can get boring. So I think I’m going to partake in one of the complimentary fitness classes offered at my place–yoga is one of them!

  18. I totally agree with everything you’re saying regarding workout gear! Great pick. Congrats on finding a workout situation that works for you, that’s the hardest part!

    xx Hélène

  19. Like you, I find that I have to attend classes as I’m only motivated with people around me and I really enjoy my Zumba and Pilates classes. I agree with what you say about wearing workout clothes which you feel good in. It all helps with the motivation! I like your choices here.

  20. I am also a firm believer in nice workout wear. I refused to take up my running routine in the park (after a period of recuperation during which I was not allowed to make intensive physical effort) until I bought a nice attire. Yes, it’s an extra motivator. :) Good luck with your yoga class! I like spending some me-time doing my exercises in the morning, it’s one of the best parts of my day.

  21. All oh these patterned and textured leggings are so pretty! Really cool designs :)

    Lu, http://www.balgarka.co.uk

  22. Lately I’ve been obsessed with working out, so naturally I really enjoyed this post. The colorful sport bra is perfect <3
    –  ßerry ♥ Stylish  

  23. So nice!
    I like it!

  24. Well done on getting yourself to go to a morning workout class! I do mine at night as I find it so difficult to motivate myself in the mornings.. so ten million motivaton points to you!! I love your workout wishlist, it’s a fab idea for a blog post – my ultimate favourite is undoubtedly the super stylish black adidas sports bra/top.. oh my gosh, it’s so perfect!



  25. great list!

  26. I am so obsessed with workout wear. I love a cute workout outfit. So funny that I am reading your blog. ha ha I am going to the gym after i prepare that meal I mentioned in the Sea Bass post. Great info!!

  27. I’ve found “spiffy” up just a little for my workouts can make a difference in the effort I put f orth too–go figure. Love the honeycomb capris.
    I also like these polka dot shirts from Gap…they are comfotable and what’s not to love about polka dots! http://wp.me/p2U2Tf-3U8
    Thanks for fun ideas. Mary

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