Miss Dior Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

I am sucker for black and white (I mean did you see my post on my favorite black & white dresses?!).  And that love extends to photography.  And right now I am loving the Miss Dior Spring 2013 Ad Campaign featuring Jennifer Lawrence and photographed by Willy Vanderperre.

I’ve mentioned it many, many times, but often I feel very frustrated when I see actors being cast in the role of model.  But I have to admit— when I first saw this image I didn’t realize that it was Jennifer Lawrence!  The look is dramatic and sumptuous, but simultaneously subtle and quiet.  I found it beautiful, but also powerful.

Miss Dior Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

Miss Dior has a history of featuring young actresses who possess a certain poise about them (e.g. Natalie Portman).  And Ms. Lawrence carries that torch perfectly.  But there is a maturity in these designs that I find very attractive and appropriate for the pairing of designer Raf Simons and Jennifer Lawrence.  Independently and together both have a subdued demeanor that is both effortless and unforced.

What do you think of this Miss Dior Spring 2013 Ad Campaign?  Are you a fan of Jennifer Lawrence?  How about the pairing with Raf Simons?  Share your thoughts!

Welcome To May

I was all excited- I had planned to take photos for a post today.  Outfit set out.  Hair done.  The latter a major accomplishment considering the humidity I am exposed to here… But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  At least not today.  The skies opened up and an on-again, off-again rain claimed the afternoon.


I wasn’t the only one disappointed by the weather… these peahens were roosting on the eaves of a building, clearly miffed by the wet world.

Hopefully May will bring lots of sunny day and many adventures.  I know my number one goal is find a home (we are living in a hotel still!) and settle in.  I want to explore Singapore!  Not spend my days touring apartments…

What about you?  What are you looking forward to this May?

Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?



…On those days when you wake up and you look in the mirror and just feel like you look like blechhhh…


…It could be worse!




(Brought to you by my visit to the Animal & Bird Encounters Show at Palawan Amphitheatre on Sentosa Island. Singapore.  And before getting up in arms many of these animals are rescued and the program is about about wildlife conservation!)

Summer With Elle Spain

Living in the tropics I could happily spend every day lounging at the beach or poolside.  Alas, that can’t always be the case.  But the May cover of Elle Spain not only captures the feeling perfectly, but also has me halfway to the shore!

Elle Spain May 2013-1

You can definitely feel the heat radiating off of this cover and if you weren’t in a summer mindset Elle Spain will get you there!  From the color of the water, to the bronzed body to the yellow title, this is the idyllic beach image.  (You know,  if the sun didn’t have harmful effects…)

What’s more, it features Helena Christensen photographed by Xavi Gordo.  First off, I love when a real model graces the cover of a fashion magazine.  And Christensen has definitely earned that title, beginning her modeling career in 1986 after winning the Ms. Denmark beauty pageant.  Yes, you read that correctly—1986!  Which means her career has spanned almost 30 years and she is still scoring magazine covers at the age of 44.  Bikini clad magazine covers at that!

My plan for the day?  Well, after having seen this Elle Spain cover, I am heading to the gym and then the beach….


Are you ready for beach weather?  What do you think of Helena Christensen gracing the cover of Elle Spain?


Peacock Inspired Fashion

Peacock Inspired fashion has captured fashion-enthusiasts attention for basically ever.  And does that surprise you?  They are after all, visually stunning birds.  In fact, with the current Pantone Color of The Year being Emerald Green—a color found in the peacock’s plumes—it is no surprise that this majestic bird continues to gain stylish attention.

Sentosa Island, Singapore is home to many wild peacocks.  I have run into several of the Peahens with their chicks and they are lovely (pssst- if you follow me on Instagram you already know this!) .  However, it wasn’t until I met one of the Peacocks with his massive tail that I really appreciated how magnificent these birds are. Beyond the color these birds are rich in pattern and carry themselves with an air of elegance.

peacock inspired fashion 1

Unfortunately he didn’t open up his tail for me, but I still got a chance to enjoy how a truly brilliant he was.

peacock inspired fashion 2

I hunted down some unique fashion finds that capture the essence of the peacock in somewhat unexpected ways:

peacock inspired fashion 3
Peacock Inspired Fashion:
Motel “Peacock Blouse”
Zimmermann “Independent Peacock Dress”
Collina Strada “Rico Clutch Bag” in Peacock
Show Me Your Mumu “Tipsy Pant” in Peacock Balls

Do you wear any peacock inspired fashion?  What do you think of these finds?