A Short Story

This past weekend was Coachella a.k.a. the music festival swooned over by the fashion industry at large.  And rightfully so!  After all, beyond attending for the fantastic music acts it is completely a see and be seen event, complete with an array of street style photographers.  Alas, I was stuck in LA.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t sift through the mountains of photos and pretend I was there!!!!

Photo by Mr. Newton via mrnewton.net

photo via fabsugar.com

Photo by Mr. Newton, via Harper's Bazaar

Some of my favorite looks featured short-shorts (as seen above!).  They are easy, sexy and versatile.  I can’t wait to wear a pair!  Of course I desperately need a tan right now (I think I would best be described as “sallow”) so maybe it was better for everyone that I didn’t make it to the desert.

But if you are well tanned and have been rocking your toning shoes all winter then it is time to grab a pair.  Whether you go for the flat front, the denim or the rolled style, you can’t go wrong.  Pair the shorts with a blouse and sandals and you’re out the door.  There is something so youthful and fun about this look that it translates easily from the desert to the urban jungle.

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