Gisele Bundchen For Balenciaga Fall 2014

Gisele Bundchen for Balenciaga Fall 2014Gisele Bundchen’s soft long locks are practically a signature look.  So it is no surprise that her newest campaign for Balenciaga Fall 2014 had me doing a double take.  In it the Brazilian beauty turns heads with what appears to be a super short haircut.  It looks kind of Miley-esque with buzzed sides and a longer section on top.  But before you run out to get your very own Bundchen-Buzz, it seems this cut is just an illusion as Gisele has been recently photographed hair follicles intact.

While the hair may simply be for show, you’ve got to love the powerful image that the look evokes.  Balenciaga Creative Director Alexander Wang’s slightly apocalyptic meets femme-fatale aesthetic is captured here in the Steven Klein photographed campaign.  And once you get past the missing tresses and amazing bone structure, be sure to check out the boots on Gisele’s fantastically long legs.  Even without the mirror-within-a-mirror effect they seem to go on for days.  Sigh.  Talk about hitting the genetic jackpot.


What do you think of Gisele’s shorn look in this Balenciaga Fall 2014 Ad Campaign?  Is this a look she should replicate in real life?  Or are you a fan of her longer, softer waves?

Breaking My Own Fashion Rules

Fashion RulesYou are probably looking at this photo going “What is the big deal? A horizontal striped top and some sort of floral piece?” (They’re shorts by the way…)  Trust me, it is a big deal.

You see, I am very selective about patterns.  Typically I make statements like, “I don’t often wear florals, polka dots, stripes or anything else that can be misconstrued as cutesy.”  But that isn’t to say I don’t wear patterns!  I have all sorts of abstract and geometric and tribal inspired patterned pieces in my closet.

Then I read a blog post by Arash Mazinani entitled Are Your ‘Fashion Rules’ Holding You Back?  At first read (and I even left a comment to this effect), I thought “No, that’s not me!  I don’t have rules!  I have guidelines!  And I am always willing to break guidelines!  Besides, I shop frequently enough to know what does and what doesn’t work for me.”  And I seriously believed what I wrote.  That is, until I was out browsing the other day.

I was on a mission to find a few basics to fill out my wardrobe.  While I was out everything I came across seemed to be floral.  I went in one store and then the next and the next (the little one was sitting in her stroller enjoying a Lärabar throughout this process).  That’s when it dawned on me: I never picked up a single floral piece to try on.  Not one.  That is when I came face-to-face with the truth: I was imprisoned by fashion rules!

Just then, I saw the above shorts in a store I never go into (ooh- another fashion rule?!).  I liked the black and white and I liked the style (I have a near identical pair in terms of cut & fit but in a chevron print).  I knew this was the perfect time to break free of my fashion chains.

I tried on the shorts.  And while I was at it, I tried on a horizontal striped shirt as well.   Guess what happened? (Come on, this is easy!  The photo says it all!) I loved both and purchased both.

So, I owe a big thank you to Arash for holding a mirror up to my face.  And now the real test is before me— will I incorporate them into my wardrobe?  (And yes, I thought of at least three things each piece would work with before purchasing)



Tell me, have you broken any of your own fashion rules lately?   How did things turn out?


Wish List: Suede Sandals

Ugh- I totally disappeared last week!  Between my little one coming down with a nasty cold and my boss being in town, I was completely bogged down.  But I am back now and once again I am dreaming big… specifically about these shoes B Brian Atwood suede sandals.  How amazing are they?

B Brian Atwood CorrensIf the open-toed bootie was the offspring of the sandal and the bootie, then this is the offspring of the open-toed bootie and the sandal.  I am not sure if that sounds incestuous, but regardless, it is quite the showstopper and in one of my favorite colors no less. (Yes- gray is a color, even to those of you who pair neon green with shocking fuchsia with reckless abandon)

Why do I love this shoe?  It strikes a stylish balance between sophisticated and edgy.  Yes, I could definitely wear these shoes.  Of course we are talking date night and not when running around after the little one…but you know what I mean!

What do you think of these B Brian Atwood suede sandals?

P.S.- You can also pick them up in black or burgundy if you aren’t convinced the gray is amazing as I swear it is!

The IT Dress from Stella McCartney Resort 2015

It is official – I’ve found the must-have summer dress.  Granted it has only just hit the runway as part of the Stella McCartney Resort 2015 Collection, but something tells me we will be seeing it everywhere.  As I browsed through the Resort collections, this look from McCartney stood out for its vintage aesthetic of a handkerchief dress paired with modern detailing and cut.  There is a clever use of patterns, playful hemlines, and beautiful banded bodices with sophisticated cutouts.

Stella McCartney Resort 2015It seems that season in and season out, Stella McCartney creates “it” looks that are loved by the fashion set, celebrities and the adoring public alike.  And while the collection may be resort (and this dress seems almost perfect for dinner out during a beach escape), I also love the idea of wearing this dress into summer’s waning months.  And here in Singapore it is the perfect dress year round!

Interestingly enough, I don’t always jump on the mixed patterned bandwagon, but the ease of this dress translates.  As a result, it feels both effortless and ridiculously cool, without the overthought vibe often associated with multi-patterned styles.  Also, even with the cutouts, something tells me this will look amazing on women with many different body shapes (the skirt is aligned and each bodice’s cutouts look rather strategic).


What do you think of this look from the Stella McCartney Resort 2015 Collection?  Does it say “it” dress to you?


Wish List: Workout Wear

A week ago I was super excited to discover a new yoga studio had moved in across the street from my apartment building.  This is huge, because in order for me to work out outside of our place, I have to do it in the morning before Lukus goes to work and while the little one is (hopefully) still in bed.  Unfortunately, I am not the best self-motivator in the morning, so it’s tough for me to wake up to spend time alone in our building’s gym lifting weights.  Plus, sometimes you just need to change up your routine.

Monday, I made it to my first yoga class in forever.  It was a Hot Yoga Core class and by the end I was sweaty, disgusting and smiling ear-to-ear.  I am already signed up for my next class on Thursday!

To celebrate finding a gym and an exercise situation that I am excited by I’ve decided to invest in some new work out gear.  I am a believer in putting on work out clothes you actually like as opposed to any old t-shirt and sweats.  I actually find it to be an extra motivator to work hard at the gym.

With that in mind, I have created a wish list of workout wear with a focus on options that help you feel less nasty no matter how much you perspire…

workout wear


Workout Wear:
Seamless Padded Sports Bra
Printed Rishi Tank
Python Graphic Leggings
Supernova Racerback Bra
Honeycomb Connect Capri
Printed Sports Bra
Breathe Tank
Printed Capri Leggings
Performance Tank


Tell me, what does your workout routine consist of?  And what do you like to wear to the gym?