Travel Snapshots: Peranakan Crafts


One of the best parts of living in Singapore is the opportunity to get to know a variety of cultures.  This photograph was taken on a recent outing to learn more about the Peranakan history.  Peranakan is the term used to refer to the descendants of the original inhabitants of the region with traders from China, India and other countries.

I love the colors and the patterns in this photo.  It was taken in a shop owned by a Peranakan woman who is working to keep the tradions of the culture alive.  The shoes are traditional to the Peranakan culture and each bead is sewn on individually by hand.  It can take her up to three months to create a single pair.  The skirt is a sarong- also part of traditional Peranakan dress.

Have you picked up any new crafts or hobbies?  Tell me about them!

Inspiration: Food Photography

Last Monday I spoke about looking for inspiration in different places.  And one area that has been a serious source for me is food- and no I am not just talking about all the food I’ve been eating!  Since arriving to Singapore I have had the opportunity to take lots of food photography.  I really enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the vibrant colors and varied textures of the different dishes and ultimately translating those images into ones that leave your taste buds calling out.  Or at least that is the goal!

Here are some of my favorite images from this past weekend:

Food Photography 1


Food Photography 2


Food Photography 3


Food Photography 4


I took these photographs at brunch this past Sunday and was just wildly impressed by all of the displays.  I love the greens and different shades of oranges and reds and pinks.  There also was some fantastic contrast in terms of texture that gave the dishes beautiful dimension.  Too me the dishes were almost too perfect to eat…. almost!


Tell me, do these photos leave you inspired?  Or more importantly, do they leave you hungry?  Where did you find inspiration over this past week?

Looking For The New

Looking For The New

One thing I love about moving to a new country is all of the new.  New sites.  New tastes.  New cultures.  There is so much to draw inspiration from!  So that is what this week is about.  I have purchased some notebooks and have some cultural experiences planned and I intend to take my camera along for each step…


What are your plans for this week?



P.S.  Mom, if you are reading this, I stole one of your Sharpie pens.  I know you hate when people steal your pens and this is one of your favorites.  Forgive me! :)


~My mother just emailed me: “I knew I recognized that pen!”


Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?



…On those days when you wake up and you look in the mirror and just feel like you look like blechhhh…


…It could be worse!




(Brought to you by my visit to the Animal & Bird Encounters Show at Palawan Amphitheatre on Sentosa Island. Singapore.  And before getting up in arms many of these animals are rescued and the program is about about wildlife conservation!)

30 Lessons for 30: Life Lessons

Today is my final set of lessons for my 30 Lessons for 30 series.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it!  For me it felt like the right way to commemorate such a grown up birthday.  I wanted to close things with a post about general Life Lessons.  Lessons, that when adopted, help me to understand my own identity in a more complete way.

Don’t get me wrong.  If you read and adopt these lessons you won’t suddenly ascend to some divine status.  After all, we are simply human.  But maybe it helps make you a better human.

And I think it is important to note that, like with many of the previous lessons, sometimes I drop the ball with these Life Lessons as well.  Let’s be honest, despite writing this awe inducing blog, I am a mere mortal.

Life Lessons (wedding candid)

Life Lessons:

1)  Don’t be scared to take risks—not only is it the best way to understand things outside your comfort zone, it is the best way to understand yourself.

2)  Know your moral/value plum line and stay true to it.  Don’t let another person’s standards take you off course.

3)  Read.  Read books, read the news, (and completely selfishly) read blogs.  Just read.  Reading increases your frame of reference, helps with language skills and so much more.

4)  Be authentic.  Don’t embrace trends, opinions or thoughts simply to appeal to the masses.

5)  Set goals and set yourself up to achieve them.  But be flexible enough to know that sometimes life will take you in a different direction.

6)  Remember the Golden Rule (for those of you who didn’t attend Sunday School: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.) and with that discover your own humanity.


There you have it.  6 0f my favorite Life Lessons.  All part of 5 days of 30 Lessons learned over 30 years.  I really hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have.  Please make your own additions to the lists in the comment section!

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