Wine Of The Week: Campogrande Cinque Terre Vino da Tavola Rosso

I am so excited to share today’s wine.  It comes from one of my favorite places in Italy, Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre, which translates to “The Five Lands,” is a grouping of small villages along the Italian Riviera’s coastline.  I  had the opportunity to visit with a group of friends while in college and it still holds fond memories for me…

But enough about my trip down memory lane, let’s talk about this week’s wine!

David selected the Campogrande Cinque Terre Vino da Tavola Rosso, 2010. This is a light and fresh red wine, perfect for ushering in spring (so what if we have a few more days until it is official!).  It is a great blend of bonamico, cannaiolo, ciliegiolo sangiovese.  You can expect to spend about $18 bottle.

Wine Of The Week: Monteforche Cabernet Franc

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!!!  I have had an old friend visiting this weekend and it has been great to sit back and reminisce about “back in the day.”  I can’t help but laugh at how far we’ve come…

Wine time:

One word. “Beastly.”  Yes, that is how David described today’s wine.  And yes, this is supposed to be a good thing.  This is a rich, heavy Cabernet Franc and is not for the faint of heart.  But, if you are up for the challenge, the Monteforche Cabernet Franc 2009 is a winner.  The wine is from Veneto in Northern Italy and is one that’ll leave an impression- making the $27 price tag well worth it!


Wine Of The Week (59)

I am going to let you in on a little NoH secret: David Foss (beloved sommelier and curator of all thing Wine Of The Week) does not live in Los Angeles.  Now to be clear, when we first started doing this weekly post, he did and I saw him something like twice a week.  However, work took him away to New York.  So each week he picks a wine and shares it with me so that I can put together this post.  Sometimes I get to try it, but sometimes I don’t.

Now, why am I telling you this? Often I am asked where the wines can be purchased.  And the answer is, at most wine shops throughout the US and many places in Europe.  I know this because if I want to try the wine I have to track it down myself.  Also, I always include a link in posts of an online retailer that sells the wine.

And today’s wine is no exception.  David has picked the Taurino Notarpanaro 2004.  It is an Italian red wine made predominately of negroamaro grapes.  This wine is a great example of the varietal.  David compares it to a “a big hulky dude who at first glance seems mean and intimidating, however he ends up being a sweet nice guy” (seriously, this is how David described it).  So give the wine a chance—it may surprise you!  The bottle runs about $17.


Wine of The Week (58)

It’s official.  The holiday season is in full swing!  Hopefully those of you who celebrate, had a great Thanksgiving.  Did anyone brave the craziness and try their hand at some Black Friday shopping?  I am more of a Cyber Monday gal.  That way I can shop from the comfort of my sofa.  All right.  Enough chatter—onto the wine!

David’s pick this week is an Italian wine that he describes as “sick” (which is a very high compliment coming from our sommelier!).  The wine is the Caprandole, Rosso Toscana 2008.  It is a red blend of the very popular Sangiovese and the much rarer Foglia Tonda grapes.  The wine costs about $17 a bottle.  For those of you who typically look for an exciting label–don’t let this one’s turn you off!  It is a much more exciting wine than you may expect.

Wine Of The Week (53)

I needed this weekend.  I had an insane week and I desperately needed this weekend.  Of course, the moment you need a weekend **poof** it’s gone.  And inevitably that is what happened my weekend.  But I won’t waste your time with my sob story.  Because, frankly that isn’t the type of whine you are looking for…instead, let’s discuss David’s latest selection for Wine of the Week.

It is the Cantine Sant’Agata Na Vota Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato, 2007, Piedmont, Italy.  But you can call it Na Vota for short.  This is complex red wine, and I mean that in a good way!  David describes the flavor as “Cranberry, a little rose petal on the nose and some earthy notes.”  The wine pairs well with spicy foods and can even stand up to game, making it a great option as the weather cools and our diets become richer.  You can pick up a bottle for around $22.