Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 Collection

Who would have thought a quintessential London Fashion house like Burberry would fit so well with my Bali state of mind?  Certainly not I—and especially over Christopher Bailey’s last several seasons which, while beautiful and even exciting at times, unarguably offered a structured urban feel.  However the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 Collection, which showed Monday was a complete 180* from what I’d come to expect.

Yes, the collection includes fabulous jackets and cinched waists.  I even think I saw a classic trench somewhere in there (although I am sure it was painted!)…  but I think that is where the tradition ended and the fun began.

Burberry Fall 2014 1There were coats, shoes, and bags all hand painted with languid floral motifs.  Dresses topped with blankets sheer elements and heavy patterns alike.   And did I mention scarves?  There must have been a different scarf for every day of the month, each hung loosely around the neck and then belted at the waist (a look I plan to try with a beautiful sarong I purchased in Bali).  The whole collection was a buffet for the senses with a variety of pieces in a multitude of patterns.

The Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 Collection feels adventurous (something true to the Burberry house), as though the pieces have been collected during an around the world tour.  And the styling contributes to this feeling- as though favorite pieces have each been layered with a story in mind.

OB-Burberry 2Tell me- what do you think of Christopher Bailey’s latest offering?  Has the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 Collection awoken the spirit of adventure in you?


Images via Style.com / Kim Weston Arnold / Indigitalimages.com

Giles Fall 2013 Collection

Sometimes you just need a little drama in your life (Okay, maybe it is just that my life is full of drama lately and I am ready to embrace it even within my clothing!).  Either way that is exactly what we got from the Giles Fall 2013 Collection.  Designer Giles Deacon doesn’t shy away from his grand perspectives and always seems to put on a show with his collections.  And fortunately for his audience this season was no exception.

There was volume, there was color, there was print and there was detailing.  Perhaps the most decadent element was the gold work that showed up not only in metal adornments and what looked like gold leafing, but also in full dress that were further accented by laser cutting.  Yes, Deacon did not hold back.

But don’t worry, the ornate detailing didn’t mean Deacon was taking himself too seriously!  Dresses were paired with chunky knit hats and the models had a somewhat unkempt look about them.  This felt somewhat tongue and cheek and completely true to his somewhat eccentric take on glamour.

Giles Fall 2013 1

Giles Fall 2013 2

Giles Fall 2013 3

Giles Fall 2013 4

Giles Fall 2013 5

Giles Fall 2013 6

What do you think of the Giles Fall 2013 Collection?  What kind of woman do you imagine wearing these clothes?  Do you appreciate the wit or is it all just too absurd for you?


Images via Style.com / Filippo Fior / GoRunway / InDigital


Sass & Bide Fall 2013 Collection

The fashion set has crossed the pond and London Fashion Week is now in full swing. And so far the Sass & Bide Fall 2013 Collection has really made me smile. Designers Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton have always included great detail in their collections, but this time around the work felt more edited and controlled. The result? Pieces that are sure to intrigue and not overwhelm.

Sass & Bide Fall 2013

The wide legged pants were one of my favorite elements of the collection.  The looks feel lean, long and sophisticated (and who doesn’t want to look lean, long and sophisticated?!).  The peek-a-boo moments and almost vibrating patterns take the looks to the next level by adding attractive and eye-catching moments.

Sass & Bide Fall 2013 2

I loved that the eveningwear seemed to be true conversation starters.  I can imagine wearing any of these dresses to an event without fear of looking like anyone else!  The use of visual layers (created with cutouts, beading, etc.) in all three pieces is unique and adds dimension to these dresses.

As always, I want to know your thoughts!  Do you like the detailing of the Sass & Bide Fall 2013 Collection?  Would you wear these long wide legged pants? How about the sheer detailing?


Images of Sass & Bide via Style.com / Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway / InDigital.


Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Collection

Simone Rocha is a young designer.  In fact, this is only her 3rd solo showing at London Fashion Week.  The most common problem I see with young designers is a need to stand out.  Often the result of this enthusiasm is overworked designs that fail to come together as a collection.  But that isn’t the case in the Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Collection.

Rocha seems to know who she is as a designer.  She has a youthful vision that is balanced by an ability to edit.  For me, one of her most successful techniques is the texture play.  Just looking at the pieces I have an overwhelming desire to reach out and run my hand over them.  How often does that happen?!

Another fun element is the volume play.  The designs don’t focus on a single silhouette, but move from a narrow shift dress to an oversized swing coat.  Yet, each of these pieces feels easy and wearable.  Truly there is a shape for everyone!

Okay… enough talk.  More photos!  Take a look:

Tell me, what do you think of these pieces from the Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Collection?  Could you see yourself wearing any of them?  I want to know your thoughts!


Images via Style.com / Alessandro Viero / GoRunway.com

Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013 Collection

There are certain labels that I write about every season.  These tend to be design houses that have both a strong history and a cutting edge future.  Because of its rich British history and keen eye on the future, Burberry is one such label and I am excited to share the Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013 Collection with you.

With Burberry and Christopher Bailey, you know the outerwear is going to be a treat.  And boy is it ever.  This time around the classic trench is joined capelets, voluminous coats and coatdresses that you’ll never want to take off.  Each piece makes a tremendous statement that won’t get lost in a crowd.

Another trend on the Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013 Runway was shine.  While there was definitely a variety of textures (from the raw silk to the leather) one consistent theme was the sheen that seemed to accompany most pieces.  This contributed to the feeling of elegance even in the more casual daywear pieces.

I also found the rich colors very luxe.  This was not your typical springtime palette and it definitely wasn’t drab.  Pieces were rich, often including saturated jewel tones (characteristically seen as part of the fall collections).  Seeing these tones for spring felt unexpected and in turn fresh.

Overall the collection felt simultaneously glamorous and wearable.  I would love to wear the blue top, purple pencil and gold heels to work- it would sure to be turn heards.  And okay, perhaps I wouldn’t wear the coat and swimsuit combination to the pool, but as stand alone pieces both elements are pretty fantastic.

Of course this is just my take on the Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013 Collection.  What I want hear is your thoughts!  Does this classic London label make you smile?  How would you incorporate the trends you see here?

P.S. I really love the opened-toe shoes! Did anyone else notice them?


Images via Style.com / Yannis Vlamos / Go Runway.com