Coco Rocha For Target Shows Us How To Model

For those of you content with just standing there, in her latest ad for Target, Coco Rocha shows us that modeling is much more of a sport:

Am I the only one tired from just watching?!


Image of Coco Rocha for Target via and video via Target’s YouTube page.


Related To The King

I’ve always had a fascination of what it is like to grow up in an extremely famous family— no, scratch that, legendary family (as in the Kardashians are not making the cut).  I am talking about the likes of the Barrymore family.  I mean could you imagine what it was like growing up as Drew Barrymore?  The pressure of living in that fish bowl resulted in a substance abuse problem that took many years to overcome (side note— she has made a complete 180* since then and seems to have her stuff together these days!).

Even if it isn’t an illustrious family tree, but a single ancestor who’s had a major impact on culture—how do you live up to the expectations?  One example of this is Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough.  Despite being only 22 she already has a successful modeling career and a budding acting one as well.  At 14 years old she walked the Dolce &  Gabbana runway and hasn’t stopped since.

And while Riley has embraced her royal heritage—

In an ad for Lee Denim. (PS-- notice the collar pop!)

—she is absolutely carving her own path as well!

As the face of Dior "Miss Dior Cherie" Fragrance.


In a spread for the April 2010 Issue of Daze and Confused.


One The Cover of the September 2011 issue of i-D.


What do you think of these photos of Riley Keough?  Is it possible for the offspring of a famous individual to navigate the perks and pitfalls of their identity?  Is the pressure on these individuals to succeed too high?