NoH Does: Notorious Neon

Today’s NoH Does features 2 lovely bloggers, while neither writes specifically about fashion, they both possess a keen sense of style.  Yep.  I am a fan… OH!  In case you missed the topic post (which actually deeply offends me and I intend to cry many tears over it), today topic is Notorious Neon.  That’s right— we are looking at how to incorporate those electric colors into our every day lives.  And these two ladies do so easily.

Lisa's Hot Pink Mane

First up is Lisa from Its Own Sweet Will.  And when Lisa goes neon- she isn’t messing around.  Her hot pink hair makes two things very clear: Lisa is both courageous and a lot of fun.  I think the same can be said about her blog.  Every time I visit it I am either impressed by her courageous writing or reduce to fits of laughter by her hysterical stories.  PS—I make her lemon caper chicken recipe all the time.

Meghann's neon green shades

How cool are Meghann’s glasses?!  The neon green make quite a statement and are the perfect compliment for summer’s sunshine.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Meghann Chapman via her blog Meghann Chapman(makes it super easy to remember, right?!).  She is this incredibly strong woman who claims to be a cynic—but I think that’s just a cover for how caring and insightful she actually is.  Plus she loves sweet tea, so we are practically bffs…


Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s NoH Does.  Make sure you leave our featured bloggers some love and check out this coming Monday’s post for the next topic!

Notorious Neon

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I admit it.  I have spent the last week or so ogling the fall clothing now heading into stores.  Yes, I live in Los Angeles.  Yes, it will be in the 80*s all week.  Yes, it is still full on summer here and will be until October.  But I can’t help myself it is so good looking.

So, I know what I must do.  I must find a trend so utterly summery that it will snap me right back to July.  And I think I have found just the ticket: NEON.  These acidic colors scream warm weather.  Plus they are sure to add a punch to any look.

Find this trend disarming?  Intimidating?  Down right frightening?  I get it.  These colors are notoriously challenging.  Fortunately there are a multitude of ways to dip your toe in to the proverbial water.

And here are few of them:

Where To Shop:

  • ASOS “Neon Lace Midi Skirt” ($77.58),
  • Rebecca Taylor “Snakeskin Jacquard Cami Dress” ($283),
  • Orly “Oh Cabana Boy” Nail Laquer ($7),
  • Cleobella “Cantina Mini Crossbody” ($99),
  • ASOS BLACK “Neoprene High Neck Shift Dress” ($146.53),

You are so clever.  I bet you guessed that this was the week’s NoH Does topic!  So, do us all of favor, slap on your fav neon look, take a photo and email it to me ( along with your name and if you are a blogger, your blog info.  Then, come check your featured self out on Saturday!!!!