Grapefruit Avocado And Fennel Salad

Alright— I survived!  After 24 hours of traveling with a 16-month-old and 3 days of severe jetlag (as a result of said 16 month-old NOT sleeping during the 24 hours of traveling, not to mention the 12 hour time difference), I have once again joined the land of the living.  And not a moment too soon, because we’ve jumped feet first into lots of activity and lots of little one’s running around.  Thankfully my mother is the consummate host and has been quick with the food and refreshments with our various visitors. One salad has definitely stood out as the perfect vibrant spring dish.  It is the Grapefruit Avocado And Fennel Salad. Grapefruit Avocado And Fennel Salad

Grapefruit Avocado And Fennel Salad Ingredients:

1 Grapefruit
1 Avocado
½ large Fennel Bulb
5oz Baby Arugula

– Section and remove the membrane of the grapefruit.  Cut pieces in half.
– Dice avocado in approximately ½ inch pieces.
– Thinly slice fennel and chop into pieces no more than 1 inch long.
– Once prepped, combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl.

Tip: Want to make it an Entrée?  Add some grilled chicken breast.

¼C Lemon Juice
2Tbsp Orange Juice
2tsp grainy Mustard
½tsp coarse Salt
1tsp Black Pepper
½C Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Whisk together ingredients and add to the salad.

Tip: If the dressing is too tart, add an additional splash of orange juice.

I hope you enjoy this Grapefruit Avocado And Fennel Salad as much as we did!  To give you an idea of how popular it was here, my cousin loved it so much she took home the other half of the fennel so she could make it again.  Enjoy!

Dries Van Noten S/S 2013 Collection

If you’ve been waiting for a fashion show to surprise you and make you think, the Dries Van Noten S/S 2013 Collection may just be the one.  Let me start by taking you on a trip down memory lane.  Do you recall the plaid button ups and bad floral prints that epitomized the 90’s grunge scene?  Van Noten does.  And instead of looking back with a “what were we thinking” attitude, he has taken those forgotten favorites and turned them seriously chic.  In fact, I am going to take it a step further and say some of the looks are down right pretty!

Dries Van Noten S/S 2013 Collection  (1)

Mixing prints is nothing new for Van Noten (and frankly is something we’ve seen on the runway before), but in the Dries Van Noten S/S 2013 Collection masculine and feminine prints are not only successfully fused together, but with a softness and a seriousness that makes these looks accessible to a wider scope of clientele.  There is nothing cutesy about the usage of floral prints in these looks.  And plaid is no longer just for the grizzly bearded lumberjack or ironically minded hipster.

One of my favorite elements here is the use of featherweight organza.  By pairing the typically cumbersome plaid with such a light fabric a balanced contrast is achieved, helping the pieces to feel more like spring, while simultaneously upping the sophistication level.

Undoubtedly this collection will make some heads spin (especially those of you who swore “never again!”).  For me this is a great thing!  I like when my perceptions are challenged and even more so when the challenger is this appealing.  It has been settled: I will be wearing plaid this spring.  But I want to know: does the Dries Van Noten S/S 2013 Collection excite you as much as it does me?


Images via /Yannis Vlamos/

Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Collection

Simone Rocha is a young designer.  In fact, this is only her 3rd solo showing at London Fashion Week.  The most common problem I see with young designers is a need to stand out.  Often the result of this enthusiasm is overworked designs that fail to come together as a collection.  But that isn’t the case in the Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Collection.

Rocha seems to know who she is as a designer.  She has a youthful vision that is balanced by an ability to edit.  For me, one of her most successful techniques is the texture play.  Just looking at the pieces I have an overwhelming desire to reach out and run my hand over them.  How often does that happen?!

Another fun element is the volume play.  The designs don’t focus on a single silhouette, but move from a narrow shift dress to an oversized swing coat.  Yet, each of these pieces feels easy and wearable.  Truly there is a shape for everyone!

Okay… enough talk.  More photos!  Take a look:

Tell me, what do you think of these pieces from the Simone Rocha S/S 2013 Collection?  Could you see yourself wearing any of them?  I want to know your thoughts!


Images via / Alessandro Viero /

Mandy Coon S/S 2013 Collection

Most of the collections I’ve profiled from Fashion Week have a decidedly softer feel to them.  This isn’t surprising.  After all they are spring collections and after a long harsh winter every one is ready to take the edge off.  Right?  But Mandy Coon isn’t everyone.  And she certainly isn’t one to do something just because it is expected.  No.  Her aesthetic is decidedly tough and the Mandy Coon S/S 2013 Collection remained true to it.

The collection includes leather, zippers, sharp cutouts, but these details didn’t result in a stiff feeling.  Instead there was great movement in the pieces that added balance and interest.  I also applaud the use of color, which included bright reds and purples, allowing for some unexpected energy.

But enough of my ramblings!  Take a look for yourself:

I really like the first and second looks, because despite the tough girl leather, there is a distinct playfulness. What a great balance!  Of course that purple dress makes a fantastic statement as well- if only I had somewhere to wear it!

Tell me, what do you think of the Mandy Coon S/S 2013 Collection?  Do you like a tougher aesthetic in spring?


Images via / Marcus Tonodo/


Where For Art Thou Spring?

I am in a bit of a funk today.  And it is all because of the Chicago weather.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the city.  But when the average temps are in the 40*s in April, this girl just doesn’t feel like spring.  (Seriously, the temps here have been colder than LA in the dead of winter…)

Currently, I am at a complete loss of how to dress myself.  I keep looking at my spring wardrobe with desire.  Meanwhile, I have to grab a serious coat every time I walk outside.

Think I am exaggerating?  Tell me then, does Lukus’ getup look like spring?!  (This was taken on Saturday!!)  :::

So I am turning to you!  Tell me, how do you dress yourself when it doesn’t feel remotely like spring?  (If you want to send me a photo, I would love to feature you!  alexisATnorthonharperDOTcom)


P.S. Minor update— just saw the North East is now getting pummeled with snow… I promise, this post wasn’t meant to wish cold on anyone else!