Runway To Room: London Street Style

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I can’t believe London Fashion Week came and went without me covering any of it.  Bad fashion blogger, bad!

Well, I am looking to redeem myself now with another installment of the Runway To Room— London street style edition.

Photo by Mr. Newton for Harper's Bazaar.

I love that the look is clearly mod, clearly cool and an utterly daring color combination.

The below rooms also possess a graphic element that gives a nod to the 60’s with the same bright colors that make the above photo equally eye-catching.

(For source info click on the above images…)

What do you think of the rooms?  How about the inspiring image?

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Fashion Week Wears

The great thing about Fashion Week is that anything goes.  Literally anything:

On that note, I have been getting lots of questions asking what I wore at Fashion Week.  And because I am such a generous spirit,  I thought I would share a few of the looks with you:

So the weather was all over the place while I was in New York.  One day hot,  next day cold and so on and so on.  This DvF dress was perfect for one of the particularly hot days.  And while it is a little sweeter than I tend to dress,  it was fun to mix it up.  Oh!  The earrings are from Metal Earth Studios,  I received them from a giveaway hosted by Jody over at About Last Weekend.

This was my look for one of the cooler days.  I love this cardigan.  And yes,  I know it is incredibly loud.  But who doesn’t love a little sequin?!  Seriously,  it brings back memories of being a little kid and playing dress-up.  It’s just an adult version of it.  The key of course is keeping it simple.  I paired it with a white tank,  Current and Elliot jeans and a pair of neutral heels.

Sometimes the look is all about the accessories.  I paired a simple silk black shirt-dress and then piled on the accessories.  The shoes are Giles Deacon for NineWest,  the sunglasses are Karen Walker,  the cuff is Hermes,  the bracelets are vintage and the watch is ToyWatch USA.  Do you like the watch?  You should, it is kind of amazing… and if you know me well enough you know I don’t brag without purpose… (But you are going to have to come back tomorrow to find out more!)


What do you guys think?  Do I get your seal of approval?



NoH Does: Smart Satchels

Welcome to this week’s NoH Does!!!! This week’s topic: Smart Satchels.  I am sorry that I am a little later than normal.  I was having blog trouble the last couple of days (and still have a few kinks to work out!), so I am just getting around to sharing this.  Enough about me.  You are here to see how real people rock the satchel.  And let me tell you both looks are great!!!

Okay— I am going to have to be honest here.  This satchel is the very one that inspired the NoH Does post.  And it actually belongs to my lovely blogging buddy, Lindsey of Little Seed Big Apple (she has been on NoH before- here, here & here— I told you we are blogging buddies!).  She always has a great sense of style, and this look is no exception.  The idea of a classic satchel body meeting this completely unexpected color is not only surprising, but also fun!  And how great did she style it!?


Joey of Everday Outfits has to be one of the cutest bloggers out there.  She does a great job of merging (and explaining!) contemporary Asian fashion trends with those of her current residence in the UK. In fact, this look is a perfect example.  The clothing is inspired by the Japanese “Obakawa” trend (literally translated to “Grandma Cute”) paired with a perfect British schoolboy based satchel.  I really love the combination—especially the satchel!


Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s NoH Does!  If you are interested in being featured, come back Monday to see the week’s topic!


NoH Does: Notorious Neon

Today’s NoH Does features 2 lovely bloggers, while neither writes specifically about fashion, they both possess a keen sense of style.  Yep.  I am a fan… OH!  In case you missed the topic post (which actually deeply offends me and I intend to cry many tears over it), today topic is Notorious Neon.  That’s right— we are looking at how to incorporate those electric colors into our every day lives.  And these two ladies do so easily.

Lisa's Hot Pink Mane

First up is Lisa from Its Own Sweet Will.  And when Lisa goes neon- she isn’t messing around.  Her hot pink hair makes two things very clear: Lisa is both courageous and a lot of fun.  I think the same can be said about her blog.  Every time I visit it I am either impressed by her courageous writing or reduce to fits of laughter by her hysterical stories.  PS—I make her lemon caper chicken recipe all the time.

Meghann's neon green shades

How cool are Meghann’s glasses?!  The neon green make quite a statement and are the perfect compliment for summer’s sunshine.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Meghann Chapman via her blog Meghann Chapman(makes it super easy to remember, right?!).  She is this incredibly strong woman who claims to be a cynic—but I think that’s just a cover for how caring and insightful she actually is.  Plus she loves sweet tea, so we are practically bffs…


Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s NoH Does.  Make sure you leave our featured bloggers some love and check out this coming Monday’s post for the next topic!

Individualizing Trends

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Sometimes you find a trend you love and you don’t know how to wear it.  Or sometimes, you see one example of how to wear it, but don’t know how to make it your own.  Sometimes you love about a million trends.  Sometimes it is just overwhelming.

That is part of why I do the NoH Does posts on Saturdays.  This series gives people an opportunity to share how they interpret a trend, while providing inspiration for the rest of us.

But typically that is just a single trend.  It can be much more challenging to incorporate several trends together.  You can so easily start to look over the top (and NOT in a good way) or inauthentic (like your trying too hard).  And it can be extra challenging to make the look your own.  After all- you are an individual!

That doesn’t mean wearing several trends isn’t possible!  And to prove it, I grabbed a couple street style images from the Fall 2011 Couture shows this past week.  Here some stylish ladies pull off the multiple trends flawlessly.

 (left to right: Image via Elle by Melanie Galea, Image via Vogue Australia by Candice Lake)


Both looks contain bold color combos, chain crossbody bags and flowy blouses, some of the season’s most popular elements.  But each lady makes the look her own.  Whether a bold skirt paired with a deep blue top or a more subdued blouse accented by bright yellow pants and an eye-catching bag- these looks work.

I think the key in these looks is keeping the jewelry to a minimum and focusing on solids instead of prints.  However, that doesn’t mean that the looks are boring.  Both have details that up the ante (open back/detailed waistband).  And it is these details that make the looks personal and special, while still embracing some of the most popular trends.

What are your feelings about wearing multiple trends?  How do you make them personal?