Pantone Color Of The Year: Radiant Orchid

radiant orchid

By now you’ve probably heard that the Pantone Color Of The Year 2014 is Radiant Orchid.  I am equal parts excited and bummed about this.  Excited, because I do love purples.  Bummed, because I am more of a lavender fan myself (less pink, more grey).  Also, I find this color swatch confusing- the purples in the flower have much more red in them than the swatch.  Fortunately there have been lots of fun posts to inspire me (Definitely check out That’s Too Cute and Oh To Be A Muse for their roundups!).

Well the time has come for me to create my own Radiant Orchid post.  But instead of sharing all of the great finds out there, I thought I would create a look that helps you ease the trend into your wardrobe.  Specifically I wanted to create a laid-back look that you can wear out running errands.

Radiant Orchid 2

Of course the pants (HERE) are the star of this look, not only do they include radiant orchid, but the geometric print pant also is on trend.  Best part?  They are sweat pants!  And no, not the kind that you shouldn’t be seen in public wearing, but a fun pair that with the right styling are a great replacement to your everyday jeans or leggings.

I paired the look with a simple navy tee (HERE) for two reasons.  First, the pants speak loud enough!  You don’t have to go for something on top.  And second, I really like navy paired with the Radiant Orchid color.  It makes the colors scheme less juvenile and more polished (you know, if sweat pants can ever be called polished!)

The sneakers (HERE) are a direct result of my obsession with the latest Chanel Couture Collection (seriously, check it out HERE), which paired elevated sneakers with everything.  If you aren’t a sneaker fan a low bootie or even a D’orsay flat could also work.

The snake embossed gunmetal leather jacket (HERE) is a dream piece, but I think any jacket that adds texture and a bit of structure to this look would work great.  I like keeping the tone neutral so that the real color story revolves around the radiant orchid.

What about the umbrella (HERE), you ask?  Well not only is it another opportunity to introduce the Pantone Color Of The Year, but living in Singapore one thing I’ve learned is to never leave home without one.  Seriously, the moment you do you will be caught in a torrential down pour.  Even if you are caring a toddler and groceries… but I digress!


Tell me, what do you think of Pantone’s Color Of The Year?  Will you be incorporating Radiant Orchid into your wardrobe?


The New Blue: Navy Fall Fashion Finds

It’s true.  Fall is right around the corner.  And with that fall fashion—a season loved by the fashion set for the layers and options it offers.  Alas, fall temps don’t seem in my future here in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on fall fashion all together!

One way I can still partake in the season’s trends is with color.  Color is also a great way to begin the seasonal transition in your own wardrobe.  Last fall the trend was a bright cobalt blue.  This fall’s runways also included blue, but a deeper, moodier navy that I love.  The color has a level of sophistication and an air of mystery that perfectly matches the upcoming season.

Take a look at some of the navy seen on the Fall 2013 runways:

Navy Fashion Finds
Featured Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collections:
DKNY (Image via / Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway / InDigital)
Anna Sui (Images via / Filippo Fior / GoRunway / InDigital)
Chloé (Images via / Filippo Fior / GoRunway / InDigital)
Theyskens’ Theory (Images via
Band Of Outsiders (Images via / Filippo Fior / GoRunway / InDigital)

Looking for moody blue options to start wearing now?  Here are some of my wish list navy fall fashion finds…

navy fall fashion finds 2

Fashion Finds:
CLARE VIVIER “Haircalf Fold Over Clutch”
Free People “New Romantics Plaid Wrap Top”
Joie “Mariner Pants”
Chinese Laundry “Easy Does It Flats”
Boutique By Jaeger “Pinafore Dress”


Tell me- are you a fan of these navy fall fashion finds?  Have you begun your style transition into the next season?



Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny Jeans

There has been a war brewing in the house of Denim.   Yes, there are always spats: shorts vs. skirts, dark wash vs. bleached—but the true war is Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny Jeans.

Now I wear both.  Admittedly in my wardrobe, the boyfriends were limited to super casual wear and the skinnies were my true go-tos.  However, recently (in the wake of my break from the New Mom Uniform) I’ve been finding new ways to wear my boyfriend jeans.

And with that the inspiration for this post: Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny Jeans!  Here are two looks.  Each with the same top, but one paired with boyfriends the second with skinnies and styled accordingly.  The goal was to style looks that could be worn in similar settings.

Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny JeansThoughts on The Boyfriend Jeans:

I really like the relaxed feel of this look.  The boyfriend jeans* are a lighter wash with some whiskering.  I added a frayed, wider olive canvas belt and a pair of brown sandals, with a stiletto heel.  Important to making this look work is the tucked in top.  This gives my figure the definition that it would otherwise lose with the wider jeans.  I was super comfortable in this look and loved the laidback cool feel of it.

*Technically I did not buy the specific “boyfriend” jeans cut.  They just never seemed flattering on me!  Instead, I bought these Madewell Skinny Skinny jeans, 3 sizes larger than my normal size and achieved the look I was going for!

Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny JeansThoughts on The Skinny Jeans:

The skinnies and this look is a favorite of mine.  The top is airy and feels light against the dark fitted denim.  Unlike the boyfriends, I went with an only partially tucked shirt to play up the lightness.  I paired it with a skinny belt and metallic wedges.  These elements support the polished overall feel but still work with the daytime summer aesthetic I was going for.

Now I want to hear from you: Boyfriends or Skinnies?  Which is your go-to look or do you wear a bit of both?

Modern Linen Pants

Besides the occasional pair of jeans around the apartment, I have worn pants a total of one time since moving to Singapore.  And it was horrible.  Seriously, I sweat so badly I had to peel them off me when I got home (and they were already skinny jeans so you can imagine how that process went!).  It is just so insanely humid and it is taking some time to adjust (with my luck as soon as I adjust we will have to move again and this time to some wintery climate!).

Needless to say, skirts, shorts and dresses have replaced the pant.  But the thing is- I like pants.  Let’s be honest, the right pair of pants can do wonders for one’s ass-ets.  And I want/need that!  So now I am on the hunt for a summery pant.

Of course the moment I think summer and pant I think linen.  Unfortunately linen pants don’t always conjure up the most modern or urban image for me.  And those are two adjectives I want out of my summer pants.

So when I stumbled across Vince’s current offerings I was pleasantly surprised.  The linen pants have an edge to them that isn’t forced.  In fact they offer just the right amount of nonchalance cool that I’ve been looking for.

Take a look for yourself:

linen pants

Vince Linen Pants:
Pleated Linen Pants in Navy
Crossover Linen Pants in Olive
Linen Jogger Pants in Black
Solid Strapping Linen Pants in White


What are your thoughts on linen pants?  And how do you wear pants when the mercury rises?

Black And White All Over

Black and White is truly one of the seasons most popular color combinations.  But what I love about it is its sophisticated appeal and versatility.   Black and white can be dressed up with the right shoes and accessories, just as easily as it can be dressed down.  And it looks good on just about any one!

Something tells me you already know all this.  Because lets face it:  black and white is a color staple that just happens to be wildly popular.

So instead of talking about the glory of the combination, I thought my time better spent finding fantastic examples of it.  And, as I have shared other black and white finds in the past, I thought I would focus this post on dresses.  Specifically dresses that are sure to become your go to looks!black and white

Black and White Dresses:
Shoshanna Lace Karen Dress
John Zack Mini Dress with Cut Out Neck
ASOS Sundress In Star Print With Strap Back
IRO Elma Fringe Dress


These dresses range in style and price point, but they are all perfectly black and white.  So tell me, which is your favorite?