Worth Watching

Last night we needed to veg out.  It has been a week full of birthday celebrations for Lukus and after our plans for the evening had to be rescheduled, we took advantage of a night in.  That meant a batch a soup, a batch of brownies and a batch of dvr’d shows.  A lovely night at home!

But all this got me thinking about what the must watch television programs are.  NO.  Jersey Shore, or some variation of The Real Housewives do not count.  Not even remotely.    And I am also not talking about shows that specifically aim for the female demographic (Gossip Girl) or the male (Man vs Wild)- even if you are watching them alone.  I am talking about the shows that all (adult) parties can enjoy and maybe one that even (hold onto your seats) promotes conversation.

Image by Anthony Easton. Flickr user PinkMoose.

So after consulting Lukus, I narrowed the list down to the best comedy and the best drama on tv.  Or at least as far as I am concerned…

The cast of "The Good Wife."

Drama- The Good Wife (CBS):  Follows the story of Alicia Florrick, wife of a disgraced former politician, who has reentered the working world as a junior associate at a prestigious Chicago law firm.  If you haven’t watched this show – what is wrong with you?  This is seriously the best program on tv!  No exaggeration!  Julianna Margulies is subtle, strong and amazing.  However it is in no way a girlie show!  Trust me.  I feel like the initial promos for this show didn’t do it justice.  This program is nuanced and sophisticated and thought provoking.

The cast of "Psych."

Comedy- Psych (USA):  A fake psychic and his childhood best friend become consultants for the Santa Barbara police department.  What?!  You haven’t given this show a chance because it’s on cable?  You, my dear reader, are a fool.  This is smart humor.  SMART.  Dulé Hill and James Roday are the perfect pair and the rest of the cast supports them beautifully.  There is both a physical side to the humor as well as quick-witted wordplay, together they add up to an uproarious good time.

What show do you consider worth watching?